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We are taking a breather today (as our Chinese creditors would say above). Not just because of this week’s cascading events. Any reader here would have seen these body blow’s against the Warlord’s hollow and brittle Empire coming long ago.

As mentioned, we revisited the main Stiftung Leo Strauss website today and compared it to the regime’s battered Weltanschauung. We originally tossed up that site long before blogging hit the masses, when no one knew who David Addington was, no one dared call the Neocons and the regime incompetent, and the worst adjective in the world was “French”. In other words, the site without doubt was stale. Cakewalks and sending the 3rd ID into Gaza are mercifully a thing of the past. (Knock on wood).

So we finished a small effort to make the main page more topical. It remains a work in progress. Tonight we unveil the inaugural 2007 issue of “American Empire.” You can check it out; please note the updated news crawl below.

“American Empire” the magazine, like its bloated real life counterpart, takes a bit to load. Those readers with DSL or broadband will find it relatively speedy. Those on dial-up may find overthrowing the Warlord a faster solution.

So far, “American Empire” remains limited to commentary. Additional features such as Neocon personal ads or job wanted postings must await another issue. Please don’t hesitate to offer suggestions here in this thread or via email.

We also deliberately chose the elevator theme music. That Vegas linoleum vibe seemed appropriate; perhaps we may reconsider. Something more cheesy and martial? Let us know if you have suggestions.

We will continue to tinker with the main site over the weekend; accordingly postings here may be somewhat sparse.


  1. Comment says

    It’s just so laughable that people think waterboarding works precisely when it would be least likely to work – at the tail end of the ticking time bomb. Presumably the terrorist, after resisting countless attempts at interrogation, decides to spill the beans and tell the truth after being tortured with water just before the bomb is about to go off.
    In truth – the support for waterboarding on the right is a bit like admiration for Henry Kissinger on the left – It’s because people suspect the worst and are attracted to the frission that envelops around that. Rivkin is not kidding anyone when he claims, as he did today, that he would not regard waterboarding as torture if it was done to him.

  2. Comment says

    Rivkin on tv defending torture while claiming to be against torture – not doing himself any favors – When he tries to thread the needle on torture he gets that uncomfortable expression on his face that many on the right get when they go on tv and say (disingenuously) they don’t want war or that they are primarily interested in peace.

  3. Comment says

    Doc – the idea that Burke would support the Iraq seem ridiculous to us – Maybe we are wrong? But we gather he would object most to it on account of it being folly and a catalyst for decline are home. Anyway – here is Broohiser in the NY Times spinning Burke as some sort of primordial neocon:
    “How goes the great debate today? Hitchens dedicates his book to Jalal Talabani, president of Iraq, whom he calls the “leader of a national revolution and a people’s army.” Hitchens wants to put Paine in Talabani’s corner. Yet some modern radicals of the multicultural variety see mullahs and terrorists as the revolutionary vanguard in the Middle East. They are joined, in a sinister perversion of Burke, by “realists” who argue that traditional culture is so powerful and so malign that the region must be left to stew in its juices. Paine and Burke are sharp, eloquent and, sadly, unfashionable.”

  4. Comment says

    The so called liberal media really does not have a clue about politics – All week they have been talking about the strengths and weakneess of the Robertson endorsement – Yet – they never point out the most important fact – Robertson owns a TV and media empire and it will be pumping out pro Eudy media for Rudy directly and indirectly until the election.

  5. Comment says

    Bolton in CNN denouncing IAEA – what gives? Bush has been consistantly saying that we have to confron Iran precisely because they won’t play fair with IAEA? MUSH must be amused to hear criticism from the US on one party rule and then turn on CNN and find the range of debate is between Benchpresser, Bolton, and a Holbrooke winking at a Turkish invasion of Iraq.

  6. Comment says

    Poor Joe Biden – Hey Doc, did you know that Seamus Heaney is Joe Biden’s favorite poet? Biden just gave a sad speech to the Dems in Des Moines – Evidently, he has no trusted advisors to tell him to drop the Giuliani schtick. That’s sad. His speech sounded like one of those baleful emetics that Tweety writes for candidates at the beginning of his show sometimes.

  7. Comment says

    Just a note on Lord Black – we read his response to Newman and we think he got the better of him in that particular exchange. If you didn’t know that he was facing tough days you would be surprised by his equinimity and moments of ebuillence. We have not read Newman’s book, but the good Lord seems to have got him on that detail about the “magic frying pan” up north – Sort of seems a bit like a “what’s prosciutto” type of questionable flourish. We have a feeling that this is not Act 5, but also not as early in the play that he thinks

  8. Comment says

    Meant too sentimental for those who consider themselves to be “serious” and are still in the game. Those who dare to dream, those who thread the needle, those who are willing to pursue the New Frontier – No scratch that, that’s taken – Oh wait, maybe co-opt it? Nah, too much backnoise – Stick with greatness. You gotta think great to be great. This reminds us all of someone who knew the Bulldog cheer back when others were singing silly songs about flowers.

  9. Comment says

    Looks good – the theme music works quite well with the visuals – If you expand it, consider a Memorial Wall for those who are injured worthies – Like Lord Black or even, god forbid, some lessers. The memorial should only be for those who have sustained operational wounds (excluding service personel) and maintain a whiff of future possibility – a tincture of hope – To keep them on the team, if for no other reason. This may be to sentimental though. However, anything more would be over the top.

  10. Aldershot says

    On the other hand, it’s news to me that Matthews first brought up the clapping thing in 2000.

  11. A Random Quote says

    “Despite … shuttle diplomacy, prospects for a comprehensive peace in the Middle East remain fragile, and the reasons are coming clear. As Middle East expert Daniel Pipes argues, most Arab regimes don’t want peace with Israel; their continued independent survival – in the face of Pan-Arabic calls for a supra-state – depends on having an “evil” Israel to kick around. In this equation, Syria’s President Assad is key to a Middle East solution – and Assad may be preparing for war instead of talk.”
    ~Michael Kramer
    New York Magazine 5/23/1983

  12. A Random Quote says

    Sherrif Bart: Mongo, why would Hedley Lamarr care about “where the choo-choo go”?

    Mongo: Don’t know. Mongo only pawn in game of life.

    Blazing Saddles

  13. Aldershot says

    CONTINETTI: She’s happy, Chris.

    MATTHEWS: Well, that’s a good answer. We’ll be right back.

  14. Anon says

    Here’s a pretty good summary of some of Matthews true weirdness – We are not talking bias like Brit or Fred or MOrt. But these are all truly bizarre things and it’s funny because he uses the word “bizarre” discussing HRC. On a side note – we have noticed at least two times when Matthews has attacked Gore – within a few minutes he will praise Google in a seeming non sequitar. But he always seems surprised when he learns Gore works with them – He has some blockage and resentment.

  15. Aldershot says

    Matthews goes on jags. I wonder if he has adult ADD, or something. It’s going to be fascinating to watch Hillary’s campaign unfold under the watchful gaze of Chris. I predict that he’ll eventually get flack for biased/sexist reporting.

    Beautiful picture, Doc.

  16. Comment says

    Doc, Matthews has been showing an interesting clip over and over again all week long of Rudy supposedly immitating HRC whining about gotcha questions and warning that she therefore cannot stand up to Ahmadinejad – In a normal world, this detail – the Ahmadinejad point – would be regarded as so absurd that Rudy would be hounded about it all week and be mocked for saying it. But we live in a weird political climate – Nevertheless, as one who knows the former Mayor – clearly you could confirm that this was hardly Rudy at his best. It certainly was not a Reagan moment or even a McGovern moment. So why does Matthews think this is so cool? Can you imagine Matthews being thrilled if Hillary mocked Rudy – complete with imitating his voice and whatnot? Anyway – to shorten the point – Rudy is being deceived by the same people who deceived Lazio into acting in an inappropriate way to HRC – Just because Matthews laughs – means nothing and it maybe a contrary indicator. It’s just amazing that Tweet plays that over and over again.

  17. Comment says

    That’s an interesting art – But wasn’t that woman one of the crowd listening to Newt in second life? Well anyway – now that regime is being confronted by Tester, Feinstein, and the full Biden – it’s only a matter of time before we are able to “bring America back.” Or is the slogan, “bring back America?”

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