The Fabric Begins To Rip

Wags might note the country’s first collective glimpse of consequences from its 2010 elections were Wisconsin Democrats fleeing and hiding from Movement activists wearing the Republican brand. But it’s past as prologue. If Wisconsin seems somehow ‘new’ that’s another symptom of decaying American collective short term memory. Karl Rove years ago recognized that a minority can take power in American ‘democracy’ and govern (he was probably thinking rule).

For the Movement under Bush, the 9/11 attacks gave the greenlight to pervasive radicalization and looting. Lacking that, Wisconsin Governor Walker fabricated a budget crisis. He didn’t burn down the legislature. Same results either way: radicalization, de-stabilization and wealth transfer. The Wisconsin status quo, like the hapless Colin Powell, Benchpresser, Wilkerson et al., are caught flat footed, unprepared, blinking.

Why? Current RNC Chair Reince Priebus was the Wisconsin GOP Chair in 2010. In October he called for Obama’s execution thinking of Bin Lin Laden. Wisconsin overall shouldn’t be shocked. The new governor won by the same margin fellow GOPer Johnson beat Russ Feingold. In fact, all state wide races went GOP by essentially the same margin.

Personal views of Governor Walker aside, one can’t say he’s a stealth candidate. He made commitments a visible part of his campaign. He promised to slash government radically. To grant massive tax cuts to corporations. Somehow generate new jobs without spending an extra dime. Walker once elected to make even a gesture to his agenda would have to start by breaking existing, signed state contracts, prevent any further Amtrak funding, etc.

Launching his agenda serves larger national goals, too. De-stabilizing and radicalizing the status quo allows the naturally prepared agents of de-stabilization to market themselves as the defenders of law and order. The roused status quo painted as divisive. And on cue Fox, etc. start the violence memes, etc. We’ve already lived through this show, Dear Reader. We all saw 2001-2008 how radicalism leads to de-stabilization which opens sluice gates for other — in this case — plutocratic interests. We all also know Act III of the script: the smirking governing entity proclaims the sinking floor our new normal.

How can Democrats both in Wisconsin and especially nationally be so surprised? Didn’t everyone say at the time November 2010 would be felt most at the state level? Christie reminded AEI this week he dragged New Jersey down this same road *last year.* We get stunned Democrats playing meme defense, and MSNBC pandering, both badly. Again.

Obama’s comments on Wisconsin today put things in perspective. Thank goodness in 2012 we will be able to choose between two Republicans. Can you imagine the feebleness of an actual Democratic campaign?