Leo Strauss Stiftung  Entdecken Sie die geheime Welt
We are an international operation with personnel deployed around the globe.  We seek committed individuals ready for an exciting career in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South America and elsewhere.  
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No Threat is Too Small, No War is Too Big

The Leo Strauss Stiftung understands our clients' needs and provides custom packages for instant impact.

Our Award-Winning  "Militarized Solutions Now" (tm) package can forestall peaceful political solutions at the local, regional and international levels. 

We also offer custom products for clients on a budget or requiring pre-planning input.  Our Low Intensity Conflict and Paramilitary Activity packages can get clients started today!

The Leo Strauss Stiftung   guarantees that no U.S. State Department diplomats will ever interfere with our clients.


We provide a long term commitment to Freedom, Liberty and Democracy around the world.  Our Award-Winning "Militarized Solutions Now" (tm) product has 3 components which can be customized to fit a client's need:

Build The Threat. First our world leading Agitprop Executives will conduct a needs assessment.  Agitprop Executives bring years of ideological expertise to help identify or manufacture potential threats to Freedom, Liberty and Democracy.   Second, our Agitprop Executives then design and orchestrate publicity campaigns to suborn Reality-Based Communities.

Our Agitprop Executives recently succeeded in transforming Abu Massad Zarqawi into a figurehead all out of proportion to his actual role.  We can do the same for you. 

Avert Diplomacy.   Third, our Practitioner Executives in conjunction with Agitprop colleagues will identify with clients the appropriate Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) military or paramilitary solution.  Examples include:

  • We have been retained by a Middle East government to destabilize three governments that our client has identified as threats to its national security.
  • Our "Regime Change" package was deployed in March 2003 with free media coverage that carefully preserved our client's discreet engagement.
  • Working with our client, we transformed these isolated political challenges into a unified global military crusade with a budget already exceeding  over $500 billion.

The Leo Strauss Stiftung offers solution packages from the introductory skirmishes to full Central System Nuclear Exchanges. Learn how this team can fight for Freedom, Liberty and Democracy today. Esoterically, of course.

We Bring Unintended Consequences to Our Clients 24/7 Anywhere in the World

In this interconnected age, clients demand instant solutions and novel outcomes.  The Leo Strauss Stiftung has developed a unique international product as part of our "Militarized  Solutions Now" (tm)  that offers spontaneous and unpredicted developments to our clients at no additional charge.





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