Leo Strauss Stiftung Entdecken Sie die geheime Welt
               The Leo Strauss Stiftung commitment to quality international impact is almost 70 years old.  Our founder began his work with his "Esoteric Mind Training Product" (tm) in 1936. Through a series of expansion packs, the "Esoteric Mind Training Product" (tm) was refined to embrace in 2001 our Award-winning "Militarized Solutions Now" (tm) package.   
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Leading the Global War on Terrorism for the Next 1,000 Years

The Leo Strauss Stiftung thinks in terms of millennia for our clients.  Our heritage of the Athenian ideal is timeless.  


Our founder traces our origins back to Athens and the intellectual heritage of Socrates, Plato, Xenophon and Thucydides.   We are proud to carry on the Athenian ideal in 2005 and bring the esoteric readings of Plato, Xenophon and Thucydides to our clients world-wide.

Our experts will divine esoteric meaning in works like Thucydides even when hidden from the author himself!

Our esoteric capabilities allow Leo Strauss Stiftung professionals to proclaim that the greatest danger to democracy today is not the easy acceptance of Totalitarianism but its easy rejection.  And by making Plato relevant in the 'Hood, on the Arab Street and around the world, we wage permanent war against the enemies of Freedom, Liberty and Democracy.

What SUV would Plato drive?  Esoterically speaking, of course.


Struggle, Unity, Discipline and National Vigor

Our commitment to R&D is second to none.  The Leo Strauss Stiftung will be at the forefront of identifying new threats to Freedom, Liberty and Democracy abroad and at home.

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