Leo Strauss Stiftung  Entdecken Sie die geheime Welt
  We believe in Freedom, Liberty
   and Democracy. And we are
   committed to ideological
   education.  We will carefully
   select resolute elites. To wage
   the permanent war for National
   vigor and the species.  In the
   name of Peace. 


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Want a Career With Leo Strauss Stiftung?

The twilight war forever.
We can set your dreams free.  A lonely guardian against the hordes of the UnFree.  Join now! 

Do you want to destroy people who disagree with your love of Freedom?

We can launch your career in politics today. Learn why "moderation" is terrorism.

Are you an anorexic harpy that covertly hates herself?

We will launch your media career now!  We will teach you to speak the language of struggle, war, Darwinism and Freedom.

Let us know what you won't do for Freedom!

We all know that liberty requires the ultimate sacrifice.  What will you do to be a Hero of Freedom?

Contact Us

To help us prepare your ideological education and the proper role for you in the permanent war for Freedom, Liberty and Democracy, our Indoctrination Specialists  need some basic data.

Please provide the following contact information:

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Clients Are Our Number One Priority. Exoterically speaking

Your war is our concern.  Are your efforts at suppressing Enemies of Freedom frustrated by bad media coverage?  Do "liberals" dog your every crackdown? We can help.

We understand

Is your regime under threat by non-Caucasians?  Non-Judeo-Christians? Our Agitprop Executives are standing by to craft the media campaign you need.

Tired of Waging War with No Publicity?

Clients who face insurgencies today can transform those efforts into the Global War on Terrorism with help from Leo Strauss Stiftung.

Reject the UnFree

A mercy today is a cruelty on the future.  Moral clarity is the key to your success and the triumph of Freedom, Liberty and Democracy.

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