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    'I would never give thought to giving back the Medal of Freedom . . . I accepted the award on [CIA's behalf] and I will never give that medal back.' George Tenet


    Meet The Stiftung

    We are a community dedicated to the restoration of participatory liberal democratic pluralism in a time of demotic transformation. And have witnessed D.C. from high political, commercial and policy levels. Join us.

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    Stop The Spirit of Zossen blog, continuous since 2005. See, hear and read what you can't get anywhere else. Enjoy the original quote machine. Join some of the smartest readers on the Net.

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    Where it all began. Savor the site that so provoked Claremont Institue and others at the start of the Endless War for Freedom. Unchanged in all its retro, innocently ironic Flash glory.

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    Sample Blog Article

    July 1, 2010 -- A Day In The Life Of Covert Technical Support

    Служба Внешней Разведки! Меня зовут Иван! Thank you for calling Directorate OT customer support. Your call is very important to us. How may I assist you today? This call definitely will be monitored for satisfaction.

    [Female voice, exasperated]: You have to help me, no one at Directorate S has a clue about iPhones and Macs.

    [Ivan]: Oh, uh, wow Directorate S! You know, procedure? You aren’t even supposed to be calling here? You’re an illegal.

    [Female voice, sharp]: Well, I’m calling, aren’t I?

    [Ivan] OK, OK. It’s just S . . . they’re touchy. You’re breaking cover and all. Is it true? I mean, the good life, yeah? All those Red Bull and vodka parties. Pay per view? I guess I can do some tech support, but if I help you out, how about you do the same? Put in a word for me! I look Belgian. Everyone says so. Read more