Per requests, the Stiftung presents a permanent art collection. The pieces span the 2000s from STSOZ 1.0 and early 2.0 through 2014.

Much we could not share. Truly early Stiftung material (pre-2007/08) was made in Flash animation. Long time readers will recall our animation and video began years before YouTube, Twitter, and their near ubiquity on social media today.

We periodically update items here and rotate pieces. Come back and visit. Or if a favorite of yours is not included, feel free to let us know.

Our 2013 video about Snowden trapped at the Moscow airport:

Libya March 2011 as it happened:

All presidents like it (from 2011 and its relative optimism):

We created these videos in some cases many years ago and in Flash. Re-converting them for modern HD and mobile platforms reduced clarity. Please enjoy. One day we plan to recut them with the original or upgraded source material.

All rights in all things not with the Stiftung belong, of course, with original owners.