Per requests, the Stiftung presents a permanent collection. The art spans the 2000s from STSOZ 1.0 and early 2.0 through 2014.

Much we could not share. Truly early Stiftung material (pre-2007/08) was in Flash. The animation and video began long before YouTube, Twitter, Arianna’s site. The Internet was text only.

We update items here and switch pieces. Come back and visit.

Parting Thoughts

Words we wrote years ago back in 2009 still hold true for 2014:
It’s weird going back over the pieces. They evoke the passions of that particular day or moment in kaleidoscope fashion. Taken in at one glance, it is astounding what the American psyche has been subjected to these past few years. More items are left out than included. Time and distance can be unkind to one’s ‘children’. All of the animations are omitted because they are incompatible with the gallery database engine. Those items chosen (and to come) should be, we hope, entertaining.
That remains true probably for you as well. As visual snapshots of our times, even more than actual blog posts, these pieces evoke a particular time and place in the American journey to the demotic. Jarring and at the same time familiar. Enjoy!