Leo Strauss Stiftung  Entdecken Sie die geheime Welt
    Join with Others who share your
    love of the Secret World. 

    And who have accepted the heavy
    burden of Knowledge. 

    Of seeing the World as it really is.

    Ours is the highest calling.
    We gather in the Cave and  
    manipulate the Shadows. 

    For them.  Despite them.

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To Give Democracy You Must Reject It

Once you leave the Cave and see the Secret World, you can never be the same.  And they will never understand you. 

Praise the Gentleman Patriot, Who Responds To Our Call Sincerely But Will Never Know Why We Really Command Him

Has Man ever had such a loyal Pet?

Tolerate the Merchant Who Keeps The Polis Functioning

The Merchant is a transactional and soulless shell but we need him.  He will never be one of us or even a Gentleman.

Intoxicate The Masses

The bestial remain merely that but out number us and ever shall do so.  Learn how to harness the beasts for their own good.  Sing the song of Freedom, Liberty and Democracy.

Commune In The Cave 

You have made it this far.  One more step to leave the Cave and pass the portal to the Secret World.  Once you leave the Cave and see the Secret World, the Cave will never be the same.

And you will never be seen by the the Cave dwellers the same way again.  Unless you know how to use the Shadows.

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Need to Affirm Your Love Of Freedom?   Your Desire To Crush Our Enemies In The Name Of Peace?

Leave A Message At The Undisclosed Location Bunker



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