Leo Strauss Stiftung  Entdecken Sie die geheime Welt

For almost 70 years we at Leo Strauss Stiftung have been  committed to the esoteric embrace of freedom, self determination, liberty and peace. 

All we want is for each precious human being to realize their potential to live in dignity and hope.  Esoterically, of course.

And we will wage war until this happens.

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We Are Soldiers For Freedom

All of our Executives wage the lonely struggle for Freedom without reservation or self doubt for our clients.  And with our clients, we dream the dream of a world of Freedom Triumphant.

About Us

Leo Strauss Stiftung professionals are global leaders in developing sophisticated militarized solutions for our clients.  Our AgitProp Executives serve in leading global media outlets and prominent Think Tanks.  Our Practitioner Executives serve in legislative and executive positions around the world.  Set them to work for you!

All of our Executives understand that changing the Mind is more powerful than changing the Objective World.   We  are committed to our clients' preparation of consciousness for waging the endless struggle for Freedom, Liberty and Democracy in the name of Peace.


We Act, Others Analyze

We change the World for our clients. Others left behind in the rational Reality-Based Community only study our actions.  Or execute our decisions.  Or deal with consequences. 
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