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Leo Strauss Stiftung's Award-Winning "Militarized Solutions Now" (tm) product provides cutting edge world class results for our clients.  And all solutions come with our  industry leading "No American State Department Interference" guarantee.  
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Solution Packages that Fit Clients' needs

We are experts at customizing Precision Stike and Direct Action solutions to fit clients' needs under the cloak of Freedom, Liberty and Democracy.

Learn how our Agitprop Executives can designate an irritant as an Outpost of Tyranny for you.

Products 2005

Our Award-Winning "Militarized Solutions Now" (tm) product has been featured around the world since 2001.   The Leo Strauss Stiftung's "Regime Change" solution was given **** in a recent review by the U.S. Army War College Study, "Operation Iraqi Freedom: Lessons Learned."

  • Our Low Intensity Conflict and Paramilitary Package in Iran was recently featured in the New Yorker.
  • Ask today about our beta-version of "Occupation Techniques".  IOC expected in 2010.

Our Agitprop and Practitioner Executives can create a customized  militarized solution now.  For those clients who contact Leo Strauss Stiftung before April 2005 we offer inclusion of your needs in the Department of Defense QDR at no extra charge.   Freedom, Liberty and Democracy.  Exoterically, of course.

We Change Consciousness So Clients Don't Have to Change the Objective World

"The 2005 American Inaugural Address"

"The 2005 American State of the Union Address"

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