2 On 1 – Catty Open Thread

The estimable Maureen Dowd on Palin:

You know what I’m thinking, because you’re thinking it, too . . . It’s delicious imagining the Debate of the Century between Big Mama, as Bill’s male aides called Hillary, and “Hottie Granny,” as People magazine will doubtless dub Sarah. ESPN will want in.

No More Foreplay

Pushing aside the ‘Pulitzer Prize’ winning MoDo’s sorority girl cattiness, Ms. Steinem tries for this smackdown:

Republicans may learn they can’t appeal to right-wing patriarchs and most women at the same time. A loss in November could cause the centrist majority of Republicans to take back their party, which was the first to support the Equal Rights Amendment and should be the last to want to invite government into the wombs of women.

And American women, who suffer more because of having two full-time jobs than from any other single injustice, finally have support on a national stage from male leaders who know that women can’t be equal outside the home until men are equal in it. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are campaigning on their belief that men should be, can be and want to be at home for their children.

This could be huge.

Uh, yeah, whatever. Pretty amusing how Steinem can even write that somehow a larval, centrist Republican host organism can emerge after a 2008 loss rather than be the strawman blamed for the car wreck. She must not get out much.

Democrats have a challenge on their hands not too dissimilar from what the Boy King presented to his rivals. How to go after someone without being seen as ‘going after someone’ — avoiding the fatal ‘ism’ charge. Most never figured it out; hence the Denver coronation.

A more interesting column, along the fake internal monologues Safire used to do, would be to imagine HRC’s musings right about now. ‘What to do? What to do? (smiling)’.


  1. A Random Quote says

    “I didn’t want to mention that I had a dream about Sarah Palin (she was driving a piece of farm equipment back and forth on the football field of the high school catty-corner to my house, laughing maniacally and I was trying desperately to install some kind of codec on my laptop so they could capture it on video) because it just seemed to weird and creepy.”
    ~Matt Yglesias

  2. Comment says

    We find Palin attractive (though she is an older woman). She’s better looking than that SNL actress that she’s been compared to. Her fun loving personality adds to the package and the fact that she tries to act dignified (yeah – it’s a cliche, but like a librarian) can’t hide the fact that she obviosly likes to have fun.
    But it may backfire – the gop usually sublimates sex in a context of militarism and hero worship – If it’s too out in the open with Palin, it may dissipate as a force. Basic physics.

  3. DBake says

    Do people really find Palin that attractive? I mean, she’s not bad looking, and politicians tend to be pretty fugly, so I guess in comparison she’s a babe. And Alaska is 70% male, so I can understand why they’d drool over her.

    Still, not relativizing the world of politics, people find Palin hot?

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