Pop Culture, McLaughlin Group And Demise Of Western Man

JM: Now, isn’t it true, Tony, that your Mother Country has surpassed the United States as the arbiter and generator of “cool” and pop culture? And that this poses implications for the future?

TB: John, that’s always been true since the Beatles and when Maggie Thatcher told Bush Senior “don’t go all wobbly” — down hill ever since Blair and Clinton’s Third Way nonsense . . . it’s why the jihadis hate us so much. They want this filth stopped.

JM: Brother Pat, what say you to that??

PB: John, all this female pop culture pollution is [hand hatchet movements] destroying all that is noble and masculine in the Western tradition. It glorifies the culture of indulgence, sneers at hard working families, and encourages Americans to listen to tribal drum sounds from some jungle. It’s devolution. If you’re a good Christian or a good Muslim, why should the liberal media pump this sewage into your lives? It’s a sign of the End, John.

JM: Eleanor, that . . .

EC: Pat and Tony are just threatened by powerful women like Madonna, Hillary Clinton or Oprah and . . .


JM: John Harris from the Politico, settle this for us.

JH: [blank look] Well, on the one hand Tony and Pat have a point, and on the other, Eleanor also has a good point.



  1. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Amy Winehouse to JM:

    “A lot of fuss has been made about nothing. There’s nothing wrong with me.”

    Amy Winehouse, Sept. 23, ’07

  2. DrLeoStrauss says

    No need for this lecture from Amy Winehouse, we can be sure —


    Someone needs to remind Muti that Americans overall still are largely immune to appreciating consciously the tragic, which makes our ultimate reckoning likely to be all the more cosmic — or savage — in scope. Of course, they’re also going to applause triumphalist crescendos before the tragic ending. No one in that crowd would dare call him General Betray Us!

    Otoh, the commercials for HALO-3 show a different sensibility . . . (the second one especially).

    Here, the tragic is mixed with the heroic. A slightly different key — still one not part of the American pop culture vernacular until recently, especially under influences from the Pacific Rim.


  3. Comment says

    That Wired article was interesting – the Dubya era has created many future look-under-the-rocks moments for future research. We do plan to see the end of that vid when we get the extra width some time down da road.

  4. DrLeoStrauss says

    Very much agree — and despite the flaws of the individuals, some discussed here earlier, the Jesuit intellectual rigor of McLaughlin’s (show and personal) critique of the Warlord starting in 2002 was far more powerful than anything the Democrats have ever done.

    It is useful to note that before the 2004 elections, it was McLaughlin who dedicated extensive show time to explaining how Goebbels’ techniques were deployed and their comparison here — astounding when one thinks of how timid the Democrats still are. (Except now in 2007 Naomi Wolf has discovered the Constitution is in danger! And the document is even in an Earth tone!)

    Actually, Comment, not sure what your bandwidth is, but if you wait till the end of the video, you will see why I picked it. (Kylie is technically an Aussie, true, and has no known substance abuse problems ala Winehouse, BUT, she’s primarily a star in the UK pop industry and is even slated to appear in an upcoming Dr. Who episode).

    Long time IMUS watchers may recall Sid got put on probation and leave the first time (?) when making unkind remarks about how she would look post breast cancer/biopsy/surgery.

  5. Comment says

    While the McLaughlin Group is considered fluff – it is actually – objectively – better than the “useful” Russert’s supposedly serious MTP.

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