Dry, Itchy, Flaky Posturing

Meanwhile, re decisive operations under snow conditions in the comments, herewith a glimpse of what a city that truly understands snow is addressing. (Eto prosta shutka! (It’s a lighthearted joke)). Re serious issues, we may or may not address the new doctrine, geopolitics, budgets and show pieces like Sukhoi’s 5th Gen Potemkin prototype given sensitivities and our past involvements. We’ll think on it further.

The best part? The last 30 seconds. Russians still today have outsized respect for Oxbridge (or imagined) English in their own official training and pedagogical approaches. Here we see almost a Monty Python sketch.


  1. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Andrew Sullivan’s reply to Wieseltier is well done. Perhaps he bestows too much dignity on the initial rant and slur. Fortunately, Neocon duplicity, unhinged vehemence and incompetent complicity with Likud are now part of the general public consciousness for all but the Kool Aiders. The reckless slur has lost it’s ability to censure, daunt, marginalize and silence.


    Still, the gratuitous and unjustified attack must be doubly painful given the personal history between them. The Stiftung naturally is opposed to anyone being maligned so without any foundation in fact or deed. The hysterical nature of Wieseltier’s underlying screed also does more than discredit the attack; he dulls the blade, if you will for future targets. Which raises the question why any of us still have to put up with such sanctimonious, wicked acts. If we were to counsel Andrew Sullivan we would suggest he send Wieseltier a bill for the time wasted having to chase the rabid ankle biter (and former friend) away.


    AS now links to this – note the first paragraph:


    /Update ]

  2. Comment says

    Leo- ofcourse all those tough guys and ruralists at the cable channel on 6th ave. (none of that ‘Americas Ave’ BS) would have their hunting rifles at the ready if any beasts came near the Ailes perimeter. No doubt, those ectomorphs up in Morningside Heights were afraid the animal might be on some protected list.

  3. RedPhillip says

    Good Doctor, I answer your call to struggle with the cherished motto of my youth: Vsegda gotov!

  4. Dr Leo Strauss says


    KLO et al. might be ok with this. First, most of them saw Will Smith in “I Am Legend”. Second, Columbia, like Berkeley, are a bunch of Chavez-loving, sandal-wearing, anti-American cosmopolitans. If the animals were seen near a firehouse, an American Legion post or a certain cable channel on 6th Ave . . .

  5. Comment says

    We see Sulliven is obsessing over events in Iran probably as means of shoring up some if his dissipated rightist credentials for his ‘conservative’ pundit brand. Not to mention as a stopgap against any damage he may have sustained from being put on notice by Weiseltier.

  6. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Agree Anxious. This second wave tested the resolve of all here. We were forced to issue the command Ni Shagu Nazad!! (not one step back!) to force the shovelers to stand and fight rather than collapsing into retreat and rout.

    The drifts at the end of the Bunker’s main entrance way even after being cleared over the weekend were about 2 1/2-3 ft. again. Then the accursed ploughs came through. They erected a further massive barrier of crud, snow and ice on top. Fortunately, our peace-loving forces overcame this temporary advantage by imperialist weather mongers. United in their heroic determination to vanquish such tyranny they were able to complete their victorious encirclement with a shoveled corridor.

    We offer solidarity to all oppressed peoples suffering the tyranny of the imperialist weather conspiracy. Za pobedu !!

  7. anxiousmodernman says

    It is really an incredible sight, these high drifts of snow. But I’ve got electricity here in the Imperial City, and I half-dug myself out this afternoon.

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