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    We have not heard her radio show – we do recall hearing Franken’s awful show (dedicated to dissecting Rush’s statements and exposisg falsehoods – plus O’Reilly) But recall Maddow was hired full time in response to Matthews bizarre jihads against Hillary and her womanhood. Maddow established her bona fides by defending Tweety on general principle.

    What Maddow and the others fail to do is to something they really cannot do – Be naturally sarcastic and mocking. The audience does not naturally share their general premise – The audience can be persuaded. But that involves an argument – By contrast Bill O’reilly begins by knowing his audience understands what he is getting at – whether or not they agree with him. Overgeneralization, but.

  2. DrLeoStrauss says

    Maddow is horrific as a radio broadcaster. She truly only operates well when basking in the ego embrace of others such the now-comical Olbermann. Were she to find other meaningful work — such as founding Women Concerned About Tomato Purity — it might be her actual destiny.

    Otoh, anyone who unsettles Tweety does earn some benefit of the doubt. There are worse things.

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    That’s not to say Maddow has not done well – She has. Her very persona and bio unsettle and neutralize Tweety and Pat in a variety of ways. She is much better prepared than most liberals and she is getting better – But Pat and the others are still better at planting concepts into the ether.

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    Pat has truly become excellent at playing a subtle form of race politics on TV by obtaining partial consent on some issues from people on panels – and then by discrediting unprepared hacks like Richard Cohen when they come to spew ill considerd musings about Race and The race etc.

    Rachel Madddow, by contrast – was totally unprepared when Susan Molinari asserted on TV, with great confidence, that Obama had a Jewish problem – When Maddow objected – stammered and flailed, David Gregory – as a Ref of Beltway convention – backed up this mostly dubious assertion.

    Maddow shoud have expected such a statement and could have pre-empted with an equivalent smear-bomb aimed at Bush or McCain – Then let someone else cry foul.

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    LOL – Pat is using his fear of brown peril to cover up his true sadness about ‘Ol Max’s (Max Mosely) recent trouble and the Boyos in London – He recalls those Hollywood types rejecting his screenplay “Di & Oz” about the love between Max’s folks.

    Pat’s line in the sand line that he uses with Hitler is just ludicrous.

    Tonight – there was a black woman political consulant (names escapes for now) who told Buchanan, on Live TV, that the Obama rumors being peddled on NRO were the equivalent of Pat being forced to PROVE that she was not his illegit black daughter – It was a truly funny moment and threw Pat and everyone else off script. Come to think of it – she does have Pat’s ears.

    re Tweety – to borrow a bit from Tom Wolfe, has become a grim distemper of demagoguery, panic, and filth – He will balance his obvious desire to be hip with Obama with his constant lying: saying Obama worked with Alinsky, Hillary speculating about murder as rationale for staying, and other piggy moves.

  6. DrLeoStrauss says

    Over lunch with his friends at the Washington Examiner (rebels like himself), Pat would begin to get excited and his hatchet motions quickly turn to blows on the table. He demands ausrotten of the genetically inferior and preservation of the Race.

    The luncheon company, looking nervously around in the Capital Grille, are disturbed at the public display of their tacit understanding, even in this ‘safe place’. Pat by now red in the face, blurts with salad hanging from the corner of his mouth that the Rio Grande line must be held at all costs. The Brown Man would drown in a Vernichtungschlacht at the Brownsville Arby’s.

    He stops only when his Blackberry vibrates. Pat sees it is time to play genial Uncle Pat to the vacant MSNBC newsbabe of the moment again. Fortunately, the TV studio is around the corner. He gently deploy his napkin, nods, quietly but emphatically utters “Komeraden” and departs.

    He knows he has only 25 minutes to show. He must sit for his orange pancake makeup and banter. Smiling comes naturally. But he must concentrate and think of new ways to explain how Barak Obama can and (by coded implication to his Movement) should win the election.

  7. DrLeoStrauss says

    re Gershon, to use a Cheney-ism, “some might read that passage about Gershon and say to themselves, hey wait a minute, that wouldn’t be so bad . . . but I do not.”

    Moreover, as Leno noted, it is a true reality check that when POTUS, the Man (soon Woman) has the privilege and status to deny an affair. After stepping down from Olympus, it is the women (soon men) who are the first to tell TMZ “no way” as they rush to the nearest one day sale at the Mall.

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    There is a case against Bush re Oil prices – Just as there was a legit case against Carter back then.

    But it has to be argued carefully, as oil is likely to rise for the next few years no matter who wins.

    Bush likely lied when he indicated he would use his influence with Arabs to open the spigot and now that he is weak – The Sheiks tell him to F*** off when he raises the subject.

    GE is big on wind farms – look for Tweety to be pitching wind power and nuclear.

    re Alaska drilling is a cultural issue – disguised in politics as an energy issue. Most Republicans just want to carve up Alaska because they think it’s anti hippie.

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    Meant to say above: Imagine how liberal Pat would be considered if he showed a similar level of sympathy ..

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    re Buchanan – Can you imagine who liberal Pat would be considered if he should the same level of empathy, sympathy and understanding with Mexican migrants, poor dispossed Native Americans, gays, blacks and the handicapped as he does with German speaking residents of 1930s Danzig and Sudaten Czechs?

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    We assume Tweety leaked against Carter when he was working for him and we can make an educated guess that he did the same with Tip O’Neil. His excuse – drunk scuttlebut with pals – not leaking.

    Wo! We just stared reading that Vanity Fair hit piece on Clinton – What crawled up Purum’s ass and died? We avoided reading this when it came out because we had our Obama game face on and were not able to deal with HRC and Bill objectively – But in the wake of HRC’s amazing speech – which really was her best, most sincere, oratory .

    re Vanity Fair – Purdum was supposed to be a serious newsman and he can’t even nail down any facts in the whole article – Plus, it’s disingenuious – he is claiming to be expressing the concerns of aides about appearance …
    Predication: Purdum will regret this – He now a botttom feeder.

    When we heard about this article we assumed it was filled with probably true — but mostly irrelevent – mini scandals. But now that we read it, we think he actually implied falsehoods. Ex – Stronach is plausible – Gershon is not.

  12. DrLeoStrauss says

    re Engle, the Warlord pretends to listen while pondering if the Lakers and Kobe can win a series without Shaq. SCIRI sounds like cut and run. Besides, Engle does not have ‘forward leaning’ body language.’ A defeatist.

    Tweety continues to redefine abhorrent. Today, he was using HRC’s political corpse as fine dining, dragging it this way and that, tossing morsels to his panelists. His misogyny transcended the usual because it gleefully celebrated the feast. Oddly, he kept trying to minimize McCain’s line that Obama was the new Carter — a part of Tweety’s legacy and self image he is loathe to recall — a time when when he was not wealthy, well connected, and at least thought he possessed a conscience.

    As you note, the self hating recipe for sadness.

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    Just tuned on David Gregory and he is still pushing that false Rove meme that Evangelicals stayed home in 2000 when they heard Bush had his DWI.

    Not only is there zero proof for this – it is absurd in almost every respect.

    Btw – Why is Tweety so worried about Oliver Stone’s “W” movie – It’s not as if Tweety is opposed to falsehoods as storytelling devices. Supposely Tweety opposes Bush’s policies. There is no doubt Tweety liked “Wall St.” – a great movie, imo. He probably enjoyed Nixon too – Maybe he was bothered by JFK, but he probably liked the movie, if not the messsage therein.
    It’s probably because Tweety feels threatned by this in many ways. But why? Meanwhile he continues his “recipe for sadness” (thx J. Stewart) suggesting Obama should lie and blame Halliburton for high oil prices because Reagan did a similar think with Carter and it worked. Now – presumably he opposed Reagan doing thhis when he was working for Carter – Thus the self-hating recipe for sadness.

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    Speaking of the Warlord – Did you read about Richard Engle’s meeting with Bush – He briefed Bush on the reality in Iraq on the ground. It must have been an amazing meeting as Engle explained to Bush that Sadr wanted to an Iraqi Nasrallah and that was considered a popular thing or that the leaders of SCRI were mostly pro Iran and that most of the people Bush trusts in Iraq are criminals, liars, or of dubious loyalty.
    Condi probably never told him any of this.

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    We recall Mark Steym mocking the pretensions of the Euro when it was worth 80 cents. Steyn is always a contrary indicator – Iraq, the dollar, Conrad, etc .

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    It’s unclear whether or not Bush & co. regard many of the setbacks as setbacks – They and their crowd, in the most provincial sense, are beneficiaries of high oil price.

    Increased instability in the mid-east is good for business-business and political-business.

    As Cheney said, “so?”

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