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    @Dr Leo Strauss
    Interesting arbitarge situation , Leo – The case against Henry K has technically gained in strength since 2003 – ie it has more real value – or earnings, if you will.

    But war criminals are a dime a dozen these days if you apply the criteria Hitch originally uses against K. So the market has been filled with junk product.

    As more a more people see K as a criminal – it becomes less chic to call him one.

    Hitch LEAPs may make a good Put down the road – but the premium is still to high.

  2. Dr Leo Strauss says

    The popular history futures market already pre-baked all those comments into its Kissinger Securitized Reputational Products. Market analysts suggest the War Criminal Hedge Fund will not likely recover its pre-2003 historic level due to over saturation of alternative offerings with more aggressive holdings.

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    Kissinger can probably survive this latest batch of Nixon tapes even though he makes disgraceful comments – But not sure if his rep can withstand Marty Peretz vouching for him in the pages of even the TNR.

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    We just said the same thing a few days ago – But this sums up Romney. Frum being all grown up and all takes it as a given that Romney has to be insincere for the rabble, but then can change on a dime when he gets in the WH – That’s the calculation. Mitt’s biggest problem will be the primaries where all his words will be seen as petty calculation to appeal to this group or that – All pols are the same, but w/ Romney it’s just so over the top and inelegant the way he panders.

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    “Cliff , I would like to thank you for letting a registered Democrat from the left leaning Brookings institute” Ken Pollack

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    Comedy at FDD – Ken Timmerman says we don’t fear Brit nukes – (pause) we don’t fear even French nuclear weapons (laughter). French jokes are pretty tired these days.

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    FDD on TV – Jeff Goldberg says our navy and air force are actually under utilized from what CENTCOM tells him and Rueil Geracht says Iran is allied with al Qaeda.

  8. DrLeoStrauss says

    Comment :
    The snide, smarmy, and unctuous Milbank . . .

    Because Congress cut a deal with Billy Tauzin before starting – oh wait. That was Obama. Because Obama couldn’t articulate priorities for 8 months, all Congress’ fault. It was only 1/7 of the economy. He had a Nobel Prize to accept. And work out that gangbuster settlement policy to impose on Bibi – oh wait. Need one go on?

    Tbilisi the other day recalled our reference to ‘Timebomb.’ We went and re-read it.

    Oh well.

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    Anyway – instead of “framing” it is better for politicians to “storyboard” ideas. Arguably the same thing – but we think out metaphor works better. But low unemployment matters far more than any of this stuff,

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    Lakoff is a metaphor for what ails liberal academic types – Some of his his advice is hilariously bad and he has diarrhea of the pen. Scan down and noted he recommends Dems call illegals “blessed immigrants” That would not even survive one news cycle. But some of his other suggestions are also hilariously unwise.
    But he begins with some reasonable points ie framing issues matters etc etc. It is only when he spells out his implementation that he becomes a charaatured lib elite pontificators that he is supposed to be teaching how not to become.

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    re Gergen and Bai — Yglesias notices some technical errors w/ Taibbi. It was still a funny point. Who cares if Bai actually worked for Rollingstone, he (they) all operate predictably. Kuttner is proved right on this cover, but he was too ahead of his time – There must be a mental health toll to being right early:

  12. Dr Leo Strauss says

    @Comment re Gergen and Bai

    Funny but ultimately sad stuff. Also why it was always perhaps a fool’s hope believing ‘liberals’ and Democrats could ever serve as a long term, functioning political bulwark against Rightist impulses.

    Americans they say don’t do Kulturpessimismus. That’s probably true. That’s why the morphine will be the likes of Glee, Dancing With The Stars, etc. If we’re lucky we won’t even feel it when the time comes. But don’t count on it.

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    ” He [Luke Russert] is relaxed, earnest and witty during the rare interview, granted only after months of requests (the NBC publicity team is very protective of him and discouraged me from following him while he works).”
    Howie Kurtz snags an interview with a young Russert on the move

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    “My father really saw me as a focus group in a way, as someone who was removed from the Washington spin game …”
    ~Luke Russert

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