1. Comment says

    Huckabee is truly amazing – we wish him the best, if for no other reason than the fact he will annoy the hell out of the those in the GOP who sought to manipulate rural Christians in the recent past.

    He lacked grace recently when he indictad that he would encourage mass sodomization with flagpoles, dispite various Arkansas laws to contrary, of those foolish enough to come to Little Rock with dissents againt the Confederate battle flag. He put it as artfully as possible, but his meaning was clear.

    No one’s perfect – so we’ll let that one slide. But we think he is a real dreamer when he discusses getting rid of the IRS. Law enforcement is so dependent in the tax code – just like local police are dependent on drug seizures. It’s part of th fabric – It would be great to be free of all that, but we doubt it will come to pass.

  2. Dr.LeoStrauss says

    Missed the Flashman novels. Quick precis?

    A formerly good friend deep, deep inside the Movement and a nationally known conservative personality (tv, etc.) joined Huckabee for some odd reason. Huckabee can deliver those lines with finesse — as you note, it is rare for Team Mitt.

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    KLO is a riot on The Corner again – She obviously cares more about what this Kennedy or that Kennedy thinks than do most Kennedys. Again – nothing new for NRO, they have been trying to simultaneously re-write JFK as a neocon for a while, while still pouring salt on some open reputational wounds just in case. Another funny spot – Mark Levin – Someone who manages to write as surely as he sounds on radio:
    “The hard-driving Tim Russert blew it. He allowed McCain to slip away …”

    Russert treated McCain too easily? NOooooo!

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    We did joke about Mitt being prompted about his mini flash of wit about Bill Clinton in the WH with nothing to do. That was truly odd because Romny delivered that line cooly – with sangfroid. Very new for him.

  5. Comment says

    Leo – did you ever read Flashman novels by Fraser? We are digging into some old copies in honor of his passing.

  6. Comment says

    We never believed there was any coaching of Romney – a genuinely bright man who pretends to be stupid so as to appeal to what he thinks conservatives want. But it was funny – No doubt about that.

    Unnoticed was the loaded nature of Russert’s question – Social Security funding is debatable – the funding formula is debatable – It is debatable as to what to do because it is debatable as to what is wrong vs what is club for growth propaganda. But garbage-pail Russert acts as if the SocSec debate has an agreed upon premise and a limited range of solutions.

    We have always thought that Newt and others wanted to precipitate a crisis in SocSec so as to force an ideological debate- Also many Republicans now pretend to like Reagan’s plan, but they hated it in the past.

    In any event – no problem until 2040 and we will all be Chinese wards by then. J/k

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