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    Hey – we see some pushback against Colin Powell on some liberal blogs like Digby and Somerby.

    Powell’s brand scrubbers have been working overtime lately – Powell’s commodity value is still very high – His endorsement of Obama – perfectly timed – was delivered when it was all but certain Obama would win, but distant enough to make it seem to have an effect.

    We have little doubt that Powell would have (somewhat reluctantly) endorse McCain if McCain was a shoo-in or Obama was tanking.

    Hey – that’s politics – We have little doubt that Obama knows what Powell is all about, and he grown-up about it. Obama, from what we heard a while back – probably knows about Powell’s links to all sorts of unsavory things like Mi Lai and Iran Contra etc.

    That they admire each other – Powell and Obama – is pretty obvious – But it’s not very deep.

    Powell must be worth 100 million by now.

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    Goldberg actually loves identity politics – Notice he had to begin with a ridiculous lie (lying to himself?) and say he hated identity politics?

    He is obsessed with identity politics – And image etc – He thinks he can say “I don’t like Cornel West” and that’s sort of some brave out-of-the-box rejection
    of identity politics – But not know West or caring wtf West says is how most Americans think who are not obsessed with identity politics.

    In right wing circles – there is this constant game going on to see how close they get to having Buchanan/Steve Sailer views without the social opprobrium of being bracketed as racist by their media friends..

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    Ha – we just posted some sensible suggestions for winning minority votes for Republicans – not majorities, but enough to havock Dem coalition – All of our suggestions were ultimately color blind in the sense the point was putting money in peoples pockect and treating people with respect and not being nasty. But too much of the GOP is like Jonah Goldberg (we have a funny story about him) – filled with racial anxieties

    Anyway – check out Goldberg’s comically bad suggestions about how to trick Brown people into liking his party:

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