A Rockefeller In The Republic’s Twilight

La plus ca change.

One of Klein’s documents listed links to 16 entities, including Global Crossing, a large provider of voice and data services in the United States and abroad; UUNet, a large Internet provider in Northern Virginia now owned by Verizon; Level 3 Communications, which provides local, long-distance and data transmission in the United States and overseas; and more familiar names such as Sprint and Qwest. It also included data exchanges MAE-West and PAIX, or Palo Alto Internet Exchange, facilities where telecom carriers hand off Internet traffic to each other.

“I flipped out,” he said. “They’re copying the whole Internet. There’s no selection going on here. Maybe they select out later, but at the point of handoff to the government, they get everything.”

A Lone Voice In A Wasteland

Here’s the room Klein is talking aboout. Frontline did a longer interview with Klein earlier than the WaPo piece here.

Meanwhile, this whole NBC “green week” . . .


  1. A Random Quote says

    “[Peter] Newman’s prediction that I am gone for life, to be buggered by American criminals, will not come to pass. If you and Newman imagine that this case is over, and that I will not be heard from again whatever happens, you are mistaken.”
    ~Lord Black

  2. A Random Quote says

    “It’s [Swordfight] the only honourable weapon of choice, – I have this wonderful image of us duelling. I cut his head off but the cut is so subtle that his head stays in place. As I walk away, Conrad [Lord Black] challenges me to keep fighting. I look back over my shoulder and say, `try sneezing.'”
    ~Peter Newman
    National Post 11-08-07

  3. Comment says

    Meant to say PBS – Anyway, the newsest vogue one the right is to talk about torture with transparent insincerity and a wink. But it’s funny on PBS – where they have to combine it with a pretense of civility.

  4. Comment says

    That’s great artwork Doc – Just saw Neil Livingston on OBS debating waterboarding with one of the Navy instructors – Livingston lied endlessly saying that “everyone” was aghast at Abu Ghraib sadism and that “no one” want torture. But the ticking time bomb …

  5. Comment says

    Almost everything Klein says here is the exact opposite , in spirit and thought, from Dubya’s Gruesome Society:
    “If they’ve done something massively illegal and unconstitutional — well, they should suffer the consequences, – It’s not my place to feel bad for them. They made their bed, they have to lie in it. The ones who did [anything wrong], you can be sure, are high up in the company. Not the average Joes, who I enjoyed working with.”

    Movement types and neocons do not favor accountability , nor do theyt want to punish elites – They really don’t – unless it’s politically needed – But they love locking up small timers – Constitution? Hah – that’s for Paulistinians. (until a return from exile) – Average Joes are supposed to be Archi Bunker patriots. Damm these others.

  6. Comment says

    It would be nice to get a quick insult in about “green week” on Tweety during a live episode. Tell Tweety to tell Welch to clean up the effing Hudson river.
    These Klein revelations are so big that peole can’t understand the implications – the value of that database and the possibility of that date being commingled with private data companies extant databases or Blackwater or others future ventures.
    It’s gonna bit someone in the ass – plus, it’s too valuable to be secure for long. Foreign intelligence agencies will acquire it all eventually and use it for their own purposes. Terrorists will game the system .

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