Actually Grounded Bloggers

Long time reader Comment noted that the Stiftung completely misread the links from Ackerman and Yglesias in the post below. He’s right. Ackerman sensibly knocks the whole thing down. Yglesias thinks some Christiane Amanpour-type movie might work. They were responding to someone else.

All of which is to say the post below is, um, ‘non-operative.’ And also a 100% Grade A mistake. The clarity in particular of Ackerman’s position is simply unavoidable. For those reading here and expecting links to say what we characterize them to say, your skepticism about all this as you read these words is justified. We don’t even have the MoDo defense of saying well someone sent us an email and . . .

So to our readers and to Messrs. Ackerman and Yglesias, the Stiftung will do what the Warlord never will: apologize. Thanks, Comment.

The Stiftung Says 'Alright, Let's Call It A Draw'