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Long time reader Comment noted that the Stiftung completely misread the links from Ackerman and Yglesias in the post below. He’s right. Ackerman sensibly knocks the whole thing down. Yglesias thinks some Christiane Amanpour-type movie might work. They were responding to someone else.

All of which is to say the post below is, um, ‘non-operative.’ And also a 100% Grade A mistake. The clarity in particular of Ackerman’s position is simply unavoidable. For those reading here and expecting links to say what we characterize them to say, your skepticism about all this as you read these words is justified. We don’t even have the MoDo defense of saying well someone sent us an email and . . .

So to our readers and to Messrs. Ackerman and Yglesias, the Stiftung will do what the Warlord never will: apologize. Thanks, Comment.

The Stiftung Says 'Alright, Let's Call It A Draw'


  1. says

    Via TPM, the guy who goes on Fox to tell you you’re fat. Usual Movement combination of porno indulgence/wannabe Hardness, with the assistance of some Very Strange People.

    Also interesting that he appears to have a business model based on the following:

    1. Gym!
    2. Horrors. Too macho/queeny/virile female/working class/scary anyways.
    3. Set up somewhere more suburban.
    4. Something is missing….
    5. Introduce fake version of step 2. PROFIT!

    Some of us just go to step 2…cheap. Of course, much of that business’s margin comes from harassing the customers into coming back – the opposite of tobacco. Yer man has mastered that, but it’s Fox’s achievement to make him a commentator on national politics.

    What would have happened had they known Tony Wilson?

  2. Dr Leo Strauss says

    No sweat, if we can dish it out we can take it. Beside, it got us back into a Monty Python groove.

  3. Comment says

    Leo – being too tough on yourself. We were gonna harp on the whole idea of MY making a movie about losing his password and we only checked the blog post on a whim.

    Now – can we get Dick Cheney to admit he lied for 8 years?

  4. Anon says

    Plenty of right wing bloggers with delusions of grandeur though, so you weren’t that far off the mark.

    BTW, one of the downsides of blogging is that you do say off the mark things every once in a while, and it gets stuck in the internet for people to see till WWIV comes.

    Happens to the best of us and the worst of us. I suspect more than a few GW supporters are still with him because they just can’t walk back all their cheering for him on press and blogs

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