Administrativa: Ground Control To Major Tom – Commencing Countdown Engines On

An update on noises from behind the curtain.

The STSOZ 2.0 today completed one migration. From a creaky, ancient software base to a more modern and trendy version. In practical terms, you may notice slightly faster load times. A recent post or two may be hors de combat.

Why do it? This successful transition gives comfort that STSOZ 2.0 in its entirety (from the Quote Machine to the relic .com site) can move to ‘the cloud’ safely. And, as consumers, we’ve certainly been conditioned to believe everything “should go to the cloud.” Right?

Our focus turns to STSOZ 1.0. It’s antique software is not actually in digital code; it was carved into oak by Druidic sages while intoning “Inna Gada Davida” from the album. Long before Rachel Maddow became Olbermann’s Mini Me. (How was that for a little memory jog?)

The long and short? You may (or may not) see odd things happening here. If we throw the dice — and bet the last 8 years or so — we’ll give a shout. Unless we screw up unintentionally the site will go down for at least 6 days. (Just to clear the Internet Root Servers, etc.) If it arrives in pieces, one day at time then.

Stick around. It might be fun rubbernecking.