Please bear with us as we update the Bunker. We apologize for the contractors, tarps and assorted pieces of dry board Wotan Steel lying about. Should only take a day or so.

In the interim, we invite new readers to visit the updated Art Gallery. More will be added but from the beginning to end the pieces we hope form an overarching narrative of the Dark Times and the first steps into morning.

See everyone when the renovations are completed sometime tomorrow.

A Visual Tableau Of The Dark Times


  1. Tbilisi says

    How about creating a book of the Bunker’s proceedings? I would like a nice dusty leather bound copy, come the Restoration.

  2. Anon says

    leostrauss will seem a bit out of date for a while, but then it will suddenly be funny again – the regeneration of an old joke may take on different hues and tints as the ideologues try to morph and adapt and re-new themselves in light of events yet to unfold.

    so we think you should stay with it – Afterall, Marty Eisenstadt was a variation on the theme and he had his moment.

  3. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Dear Readers, just a short note to let you know what is bouncing around in the Bunker. As you likely know, the Stiftung began as simply in the Warlord’s reign. Blogs were relatively new and a static website was a way to get the message and joke across to Oppositionists.

    The blog grew out of it and exists largely because of you. Because of our family, comments, observations and jokes shared here have given hours and even days of unexpected intellectual excursions. Learning from our gang is the best part of our party.

    Now the question arises of whither the Bunker in the new era. The main site we think we will preserve as a side link as a memorial and reminder to what was and what was overthrown. So the main site will have to have a ‘refresh’ to stay in step. Now, a friend of the Stiftung who is a national television pundit and known to us all claims that leostrauss itself is an inside joke that will become meaningless in the new Cantor/Obama/Leno at 10 PM era.

    We’re kind of attached to the Bunker, the Stiftung and the whole shebang – especially after enduring years of probing by perturbed Straussian acolytes. It is in a way a group decision because this is our collective space. So feel free to share your opinion either here or via email at After all, what’s a Bunker if it’s not comfortable?

  4. says

    I’ve just read the long Conrad Black quote about Palin; and you know, I was expecting it to be from Camille Paglia all the way to the end. Significant?

  5. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Barone’s liquored tales of his journey from bamboozled Democrat to empowered Rightist oracle should be memorialized. Perhaps Anna Marie Cox should turn on a digirecorder after they run through the gamut of what she thinks is risque sexual innuendo. Then we could compare that psychological arc with his Krukenberg/French SS stand to the end.

  6. anon says

    re Barone – Not knowing anything about him personally – Is it not reasonable to say that the general contents of his medicine chest are fairly predictable just by observing his personal insecurities manifest themselves in his columns. We may be wrong, but he seems to be projecting lots of stuff.

  7. says

    Nice new look; Barone would think it Hard, but he wouldn’t realise that it’s really International Style modernism, the pattern language for Euroatlantic republican power. Like the Amerikahaus.

    Open, light-filled space, hanging from mighty but hidden girders of Wotan steel.

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