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    Tweety always manages make the worst presentation of the birther/nativist stuff re Obama – He just recites what Huckabee or someone says, then leaves it hanging out there and declares it unfair or inappropriate. No wonder , most people we know who have been birther symps have been Matthews watchers. Matthews gives people the impression that someone like Huckabee is just being impolitic, rather than not near the truth.

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    Both Goldberg and Rosen have written gleefully about the possibility of bombing people in the Middle East cities – But so far not enough people hold it against Goldberg. We recall Cheney pitching his New Yorker piece on the Sunday shows ‘Even the New Yorker says Saddam and Qaeda are buddies ….yada yada yada’ All lies – The worst kind of lies — preying on people’s patriotism.

    Guess you cannot really blame Goldberg – He gets away with this stuff because that’s the world we live in.

  3. Dr Leo Strauss says

    re Nir Rosen and the tragic events in Egypt –

    Frankly was astonished that Logan was exploited for page clicks by almost everyone. And turned her ordeal into just another meme football.

    We refuse to visit HP on principle but in a preview saw the massive headline announcing the details — which they promptly toned down. Goldberg is one of a multitude riding the meme crest seeking relevance, SEO/page view maximization/Twitter band wagon. Share your appraisal. A lot of unsavory people feeding at the trough from many sides.

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    We’ve never been fans of Nir Rosen and his mean spirited comments about Logan did not surprise us – But it’s sort of ridiculous to see Jeff Goldberg of all people shaking their heads i disgust. Goldberg’s dishonest columns filled with lies about Saddam and Qaeda cooperating have not gotten nearly enough condemnation. However – Even most peope we know that supported the Iraq war (always for their own precious reluctant reasons) believe Goldberg et al were dishonest propagandists.

  5. rkka says

    Does it really matter? 80+ million people in a narrow strip along the Nile, taking up too much room to be self-sufficient in grain, wheat prices growing through the roof, and domestic oil production declining.

    Gonna be downright Malthusian.

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