1. Aldershot says

    re the Webb Effect, I would have liked to see what his co-host said when they went to commercial.

    Damn Thompson, I’m a sucker for that home-spun Tommy Lee Jones slow-down-where’s-the-fire bullshit.

  2. Comment says

    re Ron Paul – Here’s what we’d like Ron Paul to do during the next debate – Have someone call his cell phone a la Rudy when he is answering a question. Then Paul picks up the phone in the middle of giving his response, just like Rudy did at the NRA and elsehere. Anyway, Ron picks up the phone call and says:
    “Hello, who is this? Is this Judith? I told you not to call me here! I’m in the middle of debate with Rudy!!! What? It’s not Judith – it’s Bernie Kerik? Bernie, you’re voice disguise is excellent, buy don’t call now – what? Rudy says he’s gonna put you in charge of the Bureau of Prisons? No? Oh, you’re going to jail for stealing a bureau? Look Bernie, I gotta go – tell Brit and everyone hello.”

    Then Paul puts the cell phone up the microphone and the person on the cell phone makes a whoopie cusion sound effect. At this point, Rudy would be pissed.

  3. Anon says

    Oh and btw – there’s rumors that Bartlett was also the source of that stupid “we’re an Empire now” quote in that book a while back.

  4. Anon says

    Just a side note on Dan Bartlett – He’s way to arrogant and lacks self-awareness – In a way he’s like a lot of Bush people who seem to have no sense of irony. In Bartlett’s limited imagination, it’s ok to criticise Huckabee along bogus lines that he is part of some Hope, Ak dynasty – All the while Bartlett is oblivious to the fact that he is a functionary for the Bush familiy. He’s Bush clerk. Did you see that video – it shows his casual unearned arrogance – the hallmark style of a ‘little man’ who hides his smallness in other peoples perceived greatness.

  5. Comment says

    Tweety is often disrespectful in subtle ways – when he is casually ignorant. Last night – as he was trying a stupid gotcha question about Stephen Harper he mentioned – in passing – that Canada has a very different foreign policy than ours. He was implying, in context, that Canada was not part of the war on terror, just because they were not stupid enough to send troops to Iraq. Tweety probably has no idea that Canada is in Afganistan and they have taken casualties. Now he has on Dan Balz bragging that reporters were as stupid as Tweety thought the candidates were – because they would not know Harper. In short – Tweety keeps giving Fred Thompson credit for knowing this just like he gave Bush credit for not drooling in debates.

  6. Comment says

    “It’s called good manners, lady.”
    (Scolding Senator Clinton for
    allegedly talking during
    Gee Dubs 2003 SOTU)

  7. Comment says

    Meant to say that it was funny in a contrarian way for Rudy himself to refer to Russert’s pro Rudy biased questions.

  8. Comment says

    We’ll say this in Rudy’d favor – He has by far the best sense of humor of all the candidates and it was funny in a contrarian way to point to the absurd pro Rudy bias that Russert showed at the Dem debate – We pointed that out at the time, with his absurd questions asking Dems to match a Rudy promise re Iran.

  9. A Random Quote says

    “You know, I’ve thought for a long time that Obama’s not in quite as strong a position on the war in Iraq as he really thinks he is. Remember, when he famously came out against the war, it was back in a time when the entire world believed that Saddam Hussein in Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, that he would probably be willing to use them himself at some time or pass them along to terrorists who would use them. And yet, Barack Obama was against going to the war at that point. I don’t think that shows that he is very strong on national security, which he needs to be.”
    ~Freddie “The Beetle” Barnes
    (Irony Unintended)

  10. Comment says

    It seems Scarborough has joined Tweety in the sense that they both seem to be thinking they’re actors on “Mad Men,” when Erin Burnett shows up on set LOL. Scarborough told Erin Burnett today to go give Jeff Immelt a big kiss and a hug at some conference today. Erin’s too cute – It seems the boyos can’t resist. This is all priceless SNL material, but it will not be exploited.

  11. Comment says

    No doubt there was some Cheney/OVP/neocon pushback with GE mgmt and GE shareholders against Tweety , so he invited that propaganist Hayes. Democrats just writed letters to the editors and producers, so they never get as good at the push back.

  12. DrLeoStrauss says

    We broke down to flick on MSNBC late last night to see Tweety sit next to some attractive 20-early 30s something (?) ‘reporter’ and Neocon pamphleteer Stephen Hayes, while Hayes did his Giuliani/Podhortetz spin.

    A fascinating example of self-made karma. Hayes *had* to be there after Tweety’s earlier manic eruptions at his anniversary. A bi-pedal Tree of Thorns. At least Tweety dressed up the view across to his feast of crow.

    The universe does listen . . .

  13. Comment says

    Thompson is very good at making ridiculous things sound reasonable and plausible – He was on Leno a while back to ‘announce’ he actualy made the invasion and occupation of Iraq sound semi reasonable, if only for a second. Southern lawyers are often good at this – add in some acting training and a dollups of Kool Aide and Presidential asperation and smidgeon of Scooter Libby fundraising condition – then wa la, you have Thompson. His late entry did seem normal. Almost. But he is unhealthy.

  14. Comment says

    Also if Paul were wiser, he would start making sotto voce appeals to the Brownbackian cultural rightists, so if Rudy won he would be in a better position to play the role of Republican party Nader. Now is not the time for him to speak against the drug war – American politics cannot handle such a departure from the two part role scripts – The Couric types would crash their hard drives.

  15. Comment says

    We regard Paul much as we regarded Nader’s candidacy – In truth we probably would not want Paul to actually be President, but such a hypothetical is in the realm of equivalent probability as one of Brit Hume’s hypothetical questions, yet without the cross marketing synergies for Brit’s employers.
    But we think Paul serves a valuable function by speaking for the anti war majority – and by tweaking Rudy and driving the neocons mad. It’s about his total affect. That being said, we wish he would be quiet about monetary policy and gold nonsense and focus on provoking Rudy and setting Rudy up and getting Rudy’s people to be distracted and annoyed.
    As far as Romney is concerned – he’s lucky that the self hating liberals in the media will cut him slack on his (technically true)”talk to my lawyers” gaffe – They would have buried Kerrey.
    It’s pretty pathetic that Tweety had to mock Romney by saying JFK would never had talked to his lawyers during the Cuban Missle Crisis – Just shows how Tweety is mesmerized by image and propaganda since JFK had his brother, the Attorney General, play the key role.

  16. Aldershot says

    Thanks for the analysis, Doc, that’s why we pay you the big bucks 😉

    Cull the herd, yes, please. What are the rules for that?

    re Aftermath? What were you thinking?

  17. Dr Leo Strauss says

    The entire affair seemed subdued, beamed through a CNBC/MSNBC filter of lethargy and quualudes. No ideas, energy, charisma, force of personality — nothing escaped that miasma.

    There are too many of them — whether for effective political discourse (if it is even possible anymore), entertainment or even on a pure video mechanistic level. The herd must be culled.

    re Ron Paul, he’s a horrific candidate — regardless of the integrity of his policy acumen. Demotic societies respond to simplicity — it is the task of the politician to craft the simple to summon forth the underlying complexity after the message has been delivered. Something Kerry and Shrum never ever understood and a reason for their loss, Ohio notwithstanding.

    Paul’s torrent combined with agitated delivery empowers everyone else subliminally to shun or marginalize him — even by the likes of empty suits such as Brownback and his cadre of fetus-loving devotees.

    The old playground rule. Same thing now. If his kamikaze mission is to simply expose that the neurons and synapses of the ‘Republican Party’ still largely twitch to the authoritarian impulses of “Bushism”, it is a message likely to be ignored by ‘Republican’ primary voters anyway.

    McCain’s unfortunate series of ‘I didn’t hear that’ to questions reinforced the image of impending dotage, and just evoked the barely concealed 1984 Reagan age concerns. Policy issues aside.

    Thompson actually showed Zelig-esque super-powers by managing to slip into a historical event largely unnoticed — both his arrival and earlier lack. We happen to know one of the women he ‘dated’ when he was a Senator so this does not surprise. Thompson did show some common sense when he noted that involving Congress was not just a matter of constitutional law but political necessity — one needs a united nation. Interesting how unique this answer was.

    Did Rudy win? We purposefully didn’t watch any of the spin coverage. It’s odd watching someone you know doing one of these things, so it is hard to be objective. Time can also be cruel. “Knowing what we know now,” would we have been in South Carolina election night at that table? Unlikely.

  18. Aldershot says

    I cannot believe Rudy is still in it.

    re Thompson, never underestimate what the conservatives will fall for.

  19. Comment says

    We hate to say it, but Rudy “won.” Tell Ron Paul to drop the crap about the gold standard – Jack Kemp won’t vote for you and few others know or care about monetary policy.

  20. Comment says

    Thompson did ok – that is if he was running to be Goiter In Chief, instead of Commander. That what he looked like.

  21. Comment says

    Tweety was pretty subdued – we saw him get his stupid s******* grin when he thought he might have a guy moment with Rudy when he asked him to sing the ILGWU song. Now we assume Tweety was trying to tie in one of his old Gore stories about the Union Lable song, but he was confused and flubbed it.

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