1. Comment says

    Tainwan’s animated news NMA speculated the O’Donnell China plot would feature armed Pandas parachuting into Times Sq – We think the elderly old school New Yorker mask makes even camo.

  2. DrLeoStrauss says

    Will have a post later today after canvassing around town a bit. Thanks for everyone’s patience.

  3. Comment says

    Chuck Todd still kissing Haly Barbour’s ass – Why is this right wing confederate the favorite of the lib media? Barbour never says anything of interest.

  4. Comment says

    The Republicans are the unhappiest bunch of winners/whiners ever – Boehner et al, have the expression of po’d losers , rather than winners, on their face-

  5. rkka says

    My advice to the staff of the Obama Administration:

    Lawyer-up now.

    Boehner’s sole order of business will be endless investigation of everything, with a view to ginning-up articles of impeachment, then complaining about the partisanship of the Democrats when the Senate finds President Obama not guilty.

    Barack deserves nothing less, for his stupidity in cultivating rethuglicans more than the Democratic base, but I do feel sorry about all the innocent staffers who are about to have their finances and lives ruined by legal bills. That’s on Barack’s head too.

  6. Comment says

    We were surprised at first by Rendell’s dumb suggestion – but he is leaving office w/ 35% app. ratings and now focused on his TV career – Powell is still admired by that media crowd. So it makes sense. We were very sad to see Sestak lose – but Toomey is one of the few good GOP candidates. Toomey won their debates and he had the bad economy, but Sestak did ok anyway.
    Very sad to see that phony Kirk win. Oh well.

  7. DrLeoStrauss says

    Reason No. 2,379 that Democrats are hopeless: Ed Rendell says the Boy King needs Colin Powell as chief of staff. As the Quote Machine offers from Talleyrand, ‘They [Democrats] have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.’

  8. Dr Leo Strauss says

    This post will be leading through election day. New posts will appear below it – like the answer to Aldershot’s question.

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