An Affair To Remember

The Heart Is More Complicated Than Even Family Values Wedge Issues

We don’t have alot to add. By all accounts, a man, his family and another woman are entangled in an affair of the heart. The children are always the most vulnerable. We generally encourage such sad episodes to remain private and avoid joining the political circuses. But following Ensign, it’s hard to deny that ‘family values’ joins ‘small government’, ‘fiscal responsibility’ and ‘civil liberties’ on the Wing Nut Wall Of Hypocrisy.

Sanford ensured his affair is public theater with a truly bizarre, performance art-like news conference. Following an equally astonishing 5 day vanishing act. Naturally, Tweety saw the whole thing as a statement of Sanford’s manliness (he didn’t allow some ‘damn staffer’ (Tweety’s self loathing once again) to prepare his remarks). Tweety remains one of our most reliable contrary indicators today.

Obama’s ongoing timidity despite an avalanche of Rightist ‘Family Values’ posing crumbling on national TV remains a puzzle. It makes one wonder what would ever galvanize him to action. Exactly what form of political seppuku must the Republican Party give him before he dares a mere twitch beyond rhetorical flourishes.