An Incoherent Debate For An Unsettled World

Tonight’s foreign policy debate exemplified the American drift into Ken Kesey-esque inconsequentialities. For a staggered World Power facing a vast array of concerted geo-strategic challenges, Romney and Obama spent most of the evening catering to Likudist sensibilities and Bibi’s meddling in American domestic politics.

Obama may have won the evening on points if the old monoculture consensual, empirical reality existed. We suspect in that Kesey-esque miasma, Romney’s gleeful expediency and disdain for facts or truth activated the Movement’s desire to pull everything down around us.

In a way, the debate might be like Harry Summers in the 1970s, claiming the U.S. Army never lost a battle in Vietnam – while NVA tanks were parked in the American Embassy. So-called progressives on CNNMSNBC and spin reps like John Kerry don’t understand why Romney cavalierly jettisoned his entire campaign record. They sputter that Romney can’t be allowed to do that. And prove yet again why they lose and we lose relying on them, too.

But what choice do we have?


  1. says

    Hi Adlershot,

    Agree. Obama’s innate compulsion to compromise was used by the Responsibility to Protect crowd on the so-called “Left” [sic] in Libya to great effect (over Gates and Mullens’ objections). One can only speculate about his pre-election internal polling and more caution with Syria and Iran. Also agree the resulting difference so far with Romney’s Neocon team about timing, tactical approach and means, less ends.

    All know here of course the Neocons’ course of action revolving around The Realm – Bibi’s desire to make Iranian ‘capability’ a casus belli and Israeli interests in Syria (partially coincident with Sunni desire to curtail Shia regional influence). Soft roll towards debacle versus reckless rush . . .

    All of which recalls an August 2010 post re Obama flinching and failing before resurgent Movement radicalism. Sam Lowry mentioned it on Twitter recently and we quote this part:

    Should he [The Boy King] prove to be neither competent nor progressive it may well be the worst of all outcomes for those wary of the Counter-Enlightenment Will to Power: general disillusionment combined with a radically energized, irrational Movement raging for revenge.

    His first 8 months suggest a very good ordinary politician feeling his way through a learning curve. But these are not ordinary times. Our biggest disappointment beyond competency? Team Obama shows the Stiftung time and again that at the core they, like Reid, Pelosi and the rest, do not understand the regime they overthrew in Fall 2008 or the shards coalescing for a re-match.

    The tissue of American commitment to civil society, civil liberties and liberal democracy has always been more gossamer thin than most suppose. Obama revealed as ordinary tactical pol with mixed competency facing a galvanized Movement? One wonders if the commitment withstands that challenge. Let’s hope Obama doesn’t put it to the test. For our sakes, we hope he succeeds. On at least one thing.

    In that sense, we are all timebombs. Ticking, ticking timebombs.

    Reading this post and others going back to 2007, one can’t escape a sense of profound sadness, as much that the Chattering Noobs on Twitter or cable bleat today was so eminently obvious back then.

    It’s one reason our posts here are less frequent — for the moment. When we sit down to write about the election we feel as if we’re ripping ourselves off, having said it all before.

    It’s galling beyond belief that notwithstanding the above, we personally and professionally must summon energy and commitment to defend such a weak, judgmental and politically incompetent Administration and retinue. Not for their sake but for ours.
    DrLeoStrauss recently posted..An Incoherent Debate For An Unsettled World

          • Dr Leo Strauss says

            That article is a good read. Gaza really should shift thinking towards development, no question. Last nite, when Fox News on air ‘talent’ (Rove et. al.) were fighting cognitive dissonance and petulant acting out, couldn’t help but think of Bibi, too.

    • Anon says

      Heh.. we won. Epistemic Closure blinded them to the reality that being anti birth control, anti 47% and pretty much anti anything not WASP is still not very popular and shouldn’t be said in public. From Red State: “women, inexplicably supported Obama”

      • Dr Leo Strauss says

        Brilliant quote from RS. Inexplicable, indeed. CPAC this year could be more entertaining than usual.

  2. Aldershot says

    “But what choice do we have?”

    Apparently the choice between Neoliberal A and Neoliberal B. Romney may seriously tweak Obamacare, but he will by no means overturn it.

    Obama helped depose two despots who were more or less friendly to us; was this the logical sequelae to Iraq? In refusing aid to the Syrian liberals it appears he recognizes that there are limits.

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