An Incoherent Debate For An Unsettled World

Tonight’s foreign policy debate exemplified the American drift into Ken Kesey-esque inconsequentialities. For a staggered World Power facing a vast array of concerted geo-strategic challenges, Romney and Obama spent most of the evening catering to Likudist sensibilities and Bibi’s meddling in American domestic politics.

Obama may have won the evening on points if the old monoculture consensual, empirical reality existed. We suspect in that Kesey-esque miasma, Romney’s gleeful expediency and disdain for facts or truth activated the Movement’s desire to pull everything down around us.

In a way, the debate might be like Harry Summers in the 1970s, claiming the U.S. Army never lost a battle in Vietnam – while NVA tanks were parked in the American Embassy. So-called progressives on CNNMSNBC and spin reps like John Kerry don’t understand why Romney cavalierly jettisoned his entire campaign record. They sputter that Romney can’t be allowed to do that. And prove yet again why they lose and we lose relying on them, too.

But what choice do we have?