And Another One Down . . .

The appropriately titled Virginia Republican Central Committee (no kidding) dealt a death blow to Tom Davis’ hopes of moving to the Senate.

Rep. Thomas M. Davis III will not make a run for the U.S. Senate next year, in part because of what he sees as the Republican Party’s increasingly narrow focus on candidates who pass conservative litmus tests on taxes and abortion, several people close to his office said yesterday.

Davis (R-Va.), who has been preparing for a Senate bid for years, won’t rule out a future run, such as a challenge to James Webb (D-Va.) in 2012, the sources said. He also will consider running for reelection to his House seat next year.

Death To Deviationists — Smert Deviationistam !

Not unexpected. We’ve worked with Tom (notice the Imperial City-esque consciously casual use of first name? It’s a hallmark of the metropolitan cesspool) over the years. We’ve even raised many tens of thousands of dollars for him. We’ve always known he did not believe in the lunacy of the last 7 years. He would be a loyal team player to keep his Chairmanship but he never drank the kool aid.

Dear Reader you may recall we’ve also reported that the Movement knew that about him and other ‘moderate Republicans’. To leadership determined to ‘rule’ (but not govern) by “ram and cram” someone like Davis is worse than a Democrat. Why? Their votes could not be counted on beforehand. They required convincing. The Movement places a higher priority on eliminating such heretics and deviationists than dealing with Democrats. We’ve sat in DeLay’s, Blunt’s and long ago Armey’s offices and heard time and again the same refrain and vituperation against the ‘squishes’, etc. As a matter of course the Virginia Republican ‘Central Committee’ would make it a priority to prevent Tom from even having a shot at the Senate. Even if the Movement ensured ultimately a Mark Warner general election victory.

So why does Tom bother? The Republican Party long ago left him. Like Abraham in the Bible, those moderates are tested repeatedly by their ‘lords’ in the Party. All they ask? Instead of their son, just their integrity. Each test ends the same way; their ‘lords’ actually accept the sacrifices. They then never acknowledge the tests and spit on those who make the offering.

Enough to make one sick of it all? Perhaps. American politics still only offers two teams. One must wear one jersey. Switching is non-trivial and not valuable to the other side when margins are healthy. To the individual, his or her seniority gets lost. Fundraising networks disappear, etc. It’s a big deal.

A week is also a lifetime as they say. 4 years an eternity. At 58, Tom is young enough to wait out another term. And perhaps pray.

Sorry Tom. Strictly Business.


  1. A Random Quote says

    “Anyone who has seen NBC “Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams on the late-night talk shows knows that he is a pretty frickin’ funny guy in addition to being the comforting daddy who reads us the news every night. That’s why it was such a treat to hear that the NBC stalwart would be hosting “Saturday Night Live” last weekend. Throw Williams, the secretly hilarious heavyweight newsman, into Studio 8H, and it would seem an ideal moment for “SNL” to remind the country why the legendary program’s voice—particularly its political voice—is so vital. What other TV show can lure a mercilessly ridiculed sitting president (George W. Bush) or attorney general (Janet Reno) to do a walk-on. Thirty-plus years as one of the only outlets on television that is so fully emblematic of democracy is central to the “SNL” mystique.”
    ~Sascha Zimmerman
    TNR 11-07-07
    (Not kidding)

  2. Comment says

    It would interesting to trap Lieberman into a Walk in the Woods with an Iranian counterpart. Maybe not the the woods, or even Switzerland – But some place like Falcon tent-lodge in the Saudi desert.
    Then it could be made into a play.

  3. Comment says

    That’s a very interesting story – And it makes a lot of sense – Maybe Lieberman is secretly telling a favored few now – that he is also using a bludgeon because the Iranian threat is just so hard to for amateur Americans to grasp. Did Nitze understand his future commodity value? It would have been nice to have Nitze show up and denounce Lieberman – kind of like McLuhan in Annie Hall chewing out the pseude on the movie line.

  4. Dr Leo Strauss says

    In the time honored tradition of Blog name dropping (we try and at least make ours relevant (unlike a certain egregiously self promoting Greek woman we all know)), we had a long conversation with Nitze after his famous “Walk in the Woods”.

    He knew NSC-68 was Agit-Prop and designed to “bludgeon the mass mind of the bureaucracy” to focus on the Soviet threat. He did not believe then that the more refined ‘economic and political cockpit denial’ strategy advanced by ‘X’ would work because Americans, unlike the British, simply didn’t know how to use their power or understand their new role.

    Nitze the intellect was always far more nuanced than Joe would be comfortable with, particularly with regard to the Realm. It is with some amusement that SAIS has since Wolfie’s departure become a bastion of criticism of the Warlord, with that Neocon jock sniffer Eliot Cohen a hold out.

  5. Comment says

    Lieberman said, “SAIS bears the name of a great American statesman and strategist. Paul Nitze served in six presidential administrations, from the outbreak of World War II through the twilight of the Cold War. As the principal author of NSC-68, he quite literally wrote the road map that guided America to victory in our long struggle against the Soviet Union. – Nitze is a figure of particular resonance for me, and his career provides an ideal starting place for the subject of my talk today—the politics of national security.”

    But he forgot to add: ‘Nitze’s NSC-68 caused me only mild discomfort at the time of my youth – I easily dodged the Vietnam war knowing full well the need to husband my martial enthusiasms for later years. Protesting the Vietnam war and making common cause with those allied with the Soviet Union was just one of those Nitzean ironies that we all laugh about these days. But seriously folks – I jest, I jest. Don’t you know I marched with Dr. King – He would be wanting us to confront Iran now!’

  6. Comment says

    That Kirkpatrick article buries the lede on the second to last page – When he illuminates some of the massive ignorance, fear, and follow exist about ordinary things among ordinary members – They are still -at the grassroots, subject to manipulation and suckers for smeer jobs:
    “In the Wichita churches this summer, Obama was the Democrat who drew the most interest. Several mentioned that he had spoken at Warren’s Saddleback church and said they were intrigued. But just as many people ruled out Obama because they suspected that he was not Christian at all but in fact a crypto-Muslim — a rumor that spread around the Internet earlier this year. “There is just that ill feeling, and part of it is his faith,” Welsh said. “Is his faith anti-Christian? Is he a Muslim? And what about the school where he was raised?”
    “Obama sounds too much like Osama,” said Kayla Nickel of Westlink. “When he says his name, I am like, ‘I am not voting for a Muslim!’ ”
    There you go – influenced by an email created by a con artist and they have no idea.

  7. Comment says

    Doctor – What do you make of the Rudy-Brownback Concordat? Predictable? Hmm

    “The current Republican front-runner in national polls, Rudolph W. Giuliani, could hardly be less like their kind of guy: twice divorced, thrice married, estranged from his children and church and a supporter of legalized abortion and gay rights.” (Kirkpatrick)
    – For a long time Rudy has been flogging his so called liberal colleagues for their alledgedly not understanding why Rudy would sell with the ‘base’ and the Christian right. Chris Cilliza and Jill Zuckman and others have been subjected to his bs about this – For the record Doc – we predicted a long time ago on the old Zossen site that Rudy would be popular with the base, the Christian Right = We offered that Rudy was giving voilent winks to the base and the base was picking up on that – You don’t have to be a Frankfurt School adherent to pick up on why Rudy is able to displace old issues with new issues.

  8. Comment says

    You just know NYT’s Krikpatrick had fun writing this: “that none of the 2008 Republican front-runners come close to measuring up to President Bush in the eyes of the evangelical faithful, although it would be hard to find a cast of characters more ill fit for those shoes: a lapsed-Catholic big-city mayor; a Massachusetts Mormon; a church-skipping Hollywood character actor; and a political renegade known for crossing swords with the Rev. Pat Robertson and the Rev. Jerry Falwell …”
    Crackup indeed – But the GOP still might win.

  9. Comment says

    Adm. Mullen speaking on c-span quoted Adm. Crowe, “I’m not sure what the new world order is, but it’s long on new and short on order” — IMO – this is one of those overrated catch phrases that the media love – You know, like middlebrow horsense type stuff. But we recall Crowe made that crack as a swipe at Poppy Bush and one can only imagine how little regard he would have for Dubya. So it was an interesting choice of quote for Mullen to make considering the fact he is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. It would be like a Bishop addressing the Vatican by saying “As Matin Luther said …”

  10. Comment says

    Also Tweety is lazy with Hillary – Since he so obsessed with calling her a liar about her being a Yankee fan, he should at least read up on the issue – First of all, Russert is the one that kept pressing the issue – because he thought it made Hillary look bad and is even less fond of Hillary than he is of Matthews – But also, Hillary is the record of being a Yankee fan even before Bill Clinton was President. Bottom line, if she did lie about this, it would have been a minor white lie, but a good case could be made that she has been totally honest. And Tweety is so lazy – at least Rudy has the decency to only pretend to give a s*** about this.
    Also – by Tweety’s numb reasoning = Rudy would have to be a LA Dodger fan, since Brooklyn was his local team when he was younster.
    Hey , we are not even fans of Hillary, so it’s so annoying being on her side for such a dumb reason.

  11. Aldershot says

    Today Tweety was off the charts with his Hillary/Bill obsession. He was constantly interrupting his guest, Susan Bedell Smith, who wrote a book about the Clinton marriage. He is completely rattled at the thought of a Clinton presidency. He even badgered Smith about whether she would consider voting for HRC.

  12. Comment says

    Speaking of disengenuous – David Brooks on PBS NewsHour – trying out his Iran nightclub act. That Dunlop woman probably was being sincere – as she probably thinks a few backstabbing liberals who leak read the New Yorker have more power than the President – such is the delusion.

  13. says

    “The goal of the Heritage Foundation is to speak truth to power.”

    There is simply no shame left in public life.
    In modern America even the Orwellian pronouncements come leavened with lawerly disingenuity; aside from the fanciful (and no doubt entertaining) argument behind it, the statement can be defended as technically correct (wholly correct perhaps if you insert selective before truth)–and it’s not clear its interlocuter doesn’t buy into it utterly–yet still describes activity that is the precise opposite of Said’s meaning, discourse as service to power rather than as challenge to it.
    Perhaps they would better serve that power by admonishing: “all glory is fleeting.”

    “Keep in mind when we talk about war we’re really talking about peace.”

  14. A Random Quote says

    “I am not personally following every allegation of corruption in Iraq Mr. Chairman, but I am certain that we are tracking these allegations of corruption because … *no one* is more concerned about what is a pervasive problem of corruption than we are.”
    ~Condi 10-25-07
    Testifying to Waxmen

  15. Comment says

    When criticising Matthews , we must remember that Matthews has received honorary degrees from Fordham and other Universities – so our society regards him someone to emulate even though he probably can’t speak a foreign language or spot Burma on a map.

  16. Comment says

    Maybe we are wrong about Tweets use of the nasty nickname “pigs” – we just sensed that he realized the audience was about to be reminded in some way that he, Matthews, was not totally on the McCain side when McCain was McCain was “tied up.” HRC probably was more conservative than Tweety in her own personal life and less likely to fall asleep in her own vomit at a concert, than was Tweety.

  17. Comment says

    Karzai probably has a place in France – he’s very fashion conscious. Did you see Tweety yesterday talking about “woodstock” when he jumped on a somewhat nervous Ezra Klein when the later said McCain should drop that Vietnam allusions? Tweety sometime forgets (sometimes remembers) that he was on the Ezra Klein side when he was of draft age – And his budding Russert actually went to Woodstock and there is no proof he didn’t dose.
    Then Tweety said the hippies called the establishment “pigs.” But Tweety knows thats not true – he knows that was reserved for the cops. Alas – Tweety is trying to muddy the water.

  18. DrLeoStrauss says

    re Karzai

    He needs to remember his place. He already complained that having blonde Blackwater personal security guards was not wise in Afghanistan and asked for a more subtle approach, even Italian Americans. Who does he think he is?

    So now he is getting uppity that Khalilzad (and presumably Cher Condi) lied to him about the poppies? Next thing you know he will be asking why we let UBL escape Tora Bora and demanding to know how come the Taliban have staged a come back.

    Karzai is smart. Presumably he has already invested some diverted funds into a condo in Miami or Westchester where all former U.S. puppets go for their twilight years . . .

  19. Comment says

    Adm. Mullen is now speaking on c-span and we have to say its easy to imagine him having little patience with Petraeus – Very different personality type. We also noted that he quote Admiral Crowe – someone who spoke against Gee Dubs.

  20. A Random Quote Note says

    The irony of Dunlop using the semi-cliche “speaking truth to power” is greater than we thought. We had thought incorrectly that the phrase had its origins in gospel music, but apparently it comes from one of from one of the groups that had been put under supervision by the Bush administration:

  21. A Random Quote Note says

    When Dunlop made that ‘speaking truth to power’ comment she was intrucing a Marine Col (who gave an uber slick pr presentation) to a Heritage audience. It’s an amazing conceptual leap for Dunlop to think a military officer representing the combined power of the most powerful institutions in the world – could speak to power. Leave aside the fact the war was sold on lies, it’s a total reversal.

  22. Comment says

    There’s such a humorous mixture of legit and illegit reasons that Red State felt they had to banned Ron Paul’s people (“Paulistinians” as the neos call them) – But since much of the ‘conservatism’ at a place like Red State is just reactionary feeling, they really can’t articulate a sensible and coherent justification, even if they want to.
    No doubt the Paulistineans annoyed and grated – no doubt about that and thank God for them for that. Hannity was really annoyed when the Paulistineans won that dumb post debate text message poll.

  23. A Random Quote says

    “The goal of the Heritage Foundation is to speak truth to power.”
    ~Becky Norton Dunlop
    Heritage Foundation

  24. Comment says

    Yes – we saw that when it was posted on some other blog and we were not surprised. Pretty funny stuff.

  25. Comment says

    Webb is trying to craft a ‘third way’ but he’s running into conceptual roadblocks, dissonance and confusion – He’s new but he hasn’t ended the war yet – His biggest win was getting George Will to attack him.

  26. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Tom can’t win a State election against both the Democrats and his own party. He needs the party apparat to help sell him down south. Virginia is increasingly a ‘purple’ state. Although, frankly, Webb has been a relative disappointment. So far.

  27. Comment says

    Until Davis realized that these EXxtreme baseball scores – powered as they are by the American Fat Man’s dependency on corn and bovine hormone diet – are another manifestion of climate change …

  28. Comment says

    Davis is about right for his district and we doubt he could defeat Webb – even if he got the nomination. So why not chill?

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