And Another One Down . . .

The appropriately titled Virginia Republican Central Committee (no kidding) dealt a death blow to Tom Davis’ hopes of moving to the Senate.

Rep. Thomas M. Davis III will not make a run for the U.S. Senate next year, in part because of what he sees as the Republican Party’s increasingly narrow focus on candidates who pass conservative litmus tests on taxes and abortion, several people close to his office said yesterday.

Davis (R-Va.), who has been preparing for a Senate bid for years, won’t rule out a future run, such as a challenge to James Webb (D-Va.) in 2012, the sources said. He also will consider running for reelection to his House seat next year.

Death To Deviationists — Smert Deviationistam !

Not unexpected. We’ve worked with Tom (notice the Imperial City-esque consciously casual use of first name? It’s a hallmark of the metropolitan cesspool) over the years. We’ve even raised many tens of thousands of dollars for him. We’ve always known he did not believe in the lunacy of the last 7 years. He would be a loyal team player to keep his Chairmanship but he never drank the kool aid.

Dear Reader you may recall we’ve also reported that the Movement knew that about him and other ‘moderate Republicans’. To leadership determined to ‘rule’ (but not govern) by “ram and cram” someone like Davis is worse than a Democrat. Why? Their votes could not be counted on beforehand. They required convincing. The Movement places a higher priority on eliminating such heretics and deviationists than dealing with Democrats. We’ve sat in DeLay’s, Blunt’s and long ago Armey’s offices and heard time and again the same refrain and vituperation against the ‘squishes’, etc. As a matter of course the Virginia Republican ‘Central Committee’ would make it a priority to prevent Tom from even having a shot at the Senate. Even if the Movement ensured ultimately a Mark Warner general election victory.

So why does Tom bother? The Republican Party long ago left him. Like Abraham in the Bible, those moderates are tested repeatedly by their ‘lords’ in the Party. All they ask? Instead of their son, just their integrity. Each test ends the same way; their ‘lords’ actually accept the sacrifices. They then never acknowledge the tests and spit on those who make the offering.

Enough to make one sick of it all? Perhaps. American politics still only offers two teams. One must wear one jersey. Switching is non-trivial and not valuable to the other side when margins are healthy. To the individual, his or her seniority gets lost. Fundraising networks disappear, etc. It’s a big deal.

A week is also a lifetime as they say. 4 years an eternity. At 58, Tom is young enough to wait out another term. And perhaps pray.

Sorry Tom. Strictly Business.