And Survey Says !? (ding, ding)

More to come apres l’accident de voiture . . . well, if Alessandra Stanley says it, it must be so. But Stanley is this once much more perceptive than the tiresome Joan Walsh. Walsh, Olbermann and the Maddows of the world don’t seem to realize that it is no longer 2003-4. Being an Oppositionist is no longer a furtive, brave thing. No one beyond the 30% dead enders doubts the essential critique. Especially today.

Perversely, the more shrill Olbermann, Walsh or in the tank Tweety, MSNBC et al. are for Obama, the more it actually galvanizes the (until St. Paul moribund) Republican base. And one does wonder what will become of all of the above under a Boy King reign. What will they really do? Their self identity the past eight years (understandably) is one of beleaguered outrage. (or in Tweety’s case, shamelessly tacking with the wind, so let’s drop him as an outlier). What new phantoms will they need to shadow box? To retain the cognitive focus and emotional engine that sustains them. Will they belatedly discover the Boy King campaigned as all things to all people?

In Japan, they defined Imperial Rule under different ages for a given Emperor since the Meiji Restoration. Hirohito’s tumultous reign is the Showa period. The new Heisei era began in 1989 when his son Akihito took the throne. We seemingly are on the edge of our own new era: nobika na funari (serene inexperience).

One good sign. The Godzilla and Gamera movies improved noticeably in the Heisei era. So there’s always some hope here.


  1. Comment says

    re Waxman hearings – Fuld (IMO) was mostly unscatherd – Waxman was ineffective in using the George Walker email – Waxman made it sound opposite – that Bush’s cousin was urging compensation restraint at Lehman,
    Most of Waxman’s committee did not do their homework and they seemed to have no staff help/

    – Another fool is Bill Keller – his anti McCain stories have been unfortunate duds – He has buried potential real McCain scandals in an avalache of contradictory verbiage – Ironically, he help McCain. So why does he bragg about putting anti McCain stories on Page One?

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    Leo – you and others have long noted the media penchant for asking proven losers for their opinion and then contextualizing as sage advice – Here’s Politico asking conspicuous loser from 2000, Chris Lehane, to comment on the supposed errors of Obama’s campaign pace:

    “Though we are in the sprint phase of the campaign, both campaigns are still in their marathon mode in terms of not being in multiple media markets on a single day,” said Chris Lehane, a former campaign aide to Vice President Al Gore and President Bill Clinton.

    A typical Gore itinerary in 2000 would look like this: local interviews, event, interviews with local press from adjacent media markets, satellite interviews with media in swing states, a second event, a local stop that “helps fill in the character sketch,” a departure that coincided with the evening news and an arrival in the next city during the 11 p.m. news.

    “Each day, you are in person in at least four media markets, driving your message and leveraging time to the greatest extent,” Lehane said.”


  3. Comment says

    Ireland has been leading Europe for some time – rejecting treaty provisions that are against the national interest and forcing everyone else to back up deposits. It’s driving the continentals nuts.

    The GOP is falling into a Buchanist stupor – the temptation to blame poor blacks for the crisis is too strong. It’s the one time Pat sides in favor of bankers.

    There are so many better people to blame – European financiers, Russian ‘investors’, 2004 out of power Democrats who said nice things about Fannie and Freddie, China, etc

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    Stocks are getting a haircut – Waxman is his element – getting ready to dig into Fukd. We heard him mention George Walker – Gee Dubs cousin. We missed the content

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    re McLaughlin Group – Eleanore teased Buchanan about his over the top love for Palin. Pat is obviously smitten. But Crowley is mostly faking her belief that Palin won the debat.

  6. Anon says

    McCain’s 13 cars – just his luck to have that unlucky number – lots of superstitious people in Murkah.

  7. Anon says

    Interesting – many are discussing Palin’s VP power grab, but Biden did refer to the VP as Article One – IMO – this reflects establishment fantasy more than it does Biden knowlege

  8. Comment says

    re McClellan – It’s funny that Joan Walsh and company harp on that. That’s not such a bad mistake – Palin probably heard some neocon prattle about Lincoln/McClellan and the underused Army of the Potomic and some specious comparison to events in the news.

    So those Mc names got jumbled in her cram session. But we think the folks at Salon are capable of errors like that

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    Last point – Begala rarely makes a point that transfers well outside of his ilk – But his Joe 12 pack notation makes sense.
    Ed Rollins said Palin is 2012 candidate – in other words, Obama won.

  10. Comment says

    Funny – the judging of the debate embraces the orientish judging theory – all questions are symbolic oriental-style points – Everything is symbolic. substance is meaningless – No pretensions to empirical judgement.
    There should have been dancers and hookahs etc

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    A bad Biden moment – Expect this – McCain (if he is smart) will quote Biden’s “Hezb is a legit faction of Lebanon’ out of context. It’s a classic gaffe for radio in selected areas of the country.

    Biden should have just said McCain’s policies helped Hezb.

  12. Comment says

    re: “white flag of surrender” – Palin is speaking to the non blinking blinkered set. The failure of surge will be apparent sometime later (back stab!), but Biden could have handled that better. You saw a whiff of scary-palin with her comment there.

  13. Comment says

    Global warming – Biden missed an opportunity to say Palin is sending mix messages – taxing Alaskans for Gore rigamorole. re Drill Baby Baby. Palin really litup when she said that.

  14. Comment says

    Ok – we just missed a few minutes – but we laugh noticing one of the declinist reponse gizmos CNN is using to measure the animal reponse of the herd.

  15. Comment says

    McCain’s health care plan is a joke – It will throw millions onto Medicaid , no matter what he says.

    The 5000 dollar tax credit – a joke. It will be sold to scam artists who will create derivative commodities and pay-day type loans against it/

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    The AEI witchdoctors did suck lots of life out of her since her convention day – Lots of bad mojo and wicked info.

    She was transformed into a stale piece of enriched bread. When exposed to the MSM, she just turned to crumbs.

  17. Comment says

    Biden has to stop praising McCain as a good man – It’s jejune and McCain never returns the favor. Instead, he should thank McCain for his long long long service.

    re Joe Sixpack – the was expected.

  18. Comment says

    IMO the Gibson interview was not that bad for Palin – the Couric interview was devastating – comic book authors could explain why.
    Biden was unable to mock Palin’s notion of McCain being something new – like some rotten bacon in the back of the fridge.
    Palin’s pablum about credit cards is always good politics – Reagan proved the disconnect rule.

  19. Comment says

    “Well, Kristol and Buchanan are pleased as punched. I think she did amazingly well, considering.”

    We have not watched – yet. We are watching now. Buchanan is an ethusiast and kristol is somewhat bogus. So will shall se. We have no doubt she will do better than the MSM has set expectations for.

  20. Aldershot says

    Well, Kristol and Buchanan are pleased as punched. I think she did amazingly well, considering.

    Where Gore’s sighs were theatrical, Biden’s one was involuntary. Heh.

  21. Dr Leo Strauss says

    The meta vibe? Biden did well but scored no knock outs. He did have at least one major Gore sigh LOL and he grimaced alot. Palin definitely recapturing some of her energy and charisma. Took some guts for her to shrug off the Gibson and Couric debacles. Although there were some Admiral Stockdale moments.

    One can only wonder what a non-Dole 2008 campaign would have done with her as an asset. If she had been groomed properly on the VRWC talk radio since St Paul instead of appearing on Gibson or CBS she might have actually been truly formidable tonight.

    She has, however, in the Stiftung’s opinion re-lit her albeit dimmed kilowattage power among the non-despairing base. She’s been damaged by Dole 2008’s inept handling no doubt. If she is still deployed correctly she could revitalize flagging turnout energy. A flawed political gem hobbled with an even clumsier mounting. It doesn’t help her much that the sepulchral Lieberman is working the spin room for her.

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