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We spent most of Friday the 13th liaising or otherwise gabbing with a part of our Movement network. Our gossip centered on the Obama cabinet two steps. Our conversation partners? Lurkers from the Movement Id’s dankest recesses.

These are long term (20 plus years) operatives and bloviators perched at various 501(c)(3)s. Interestingly, after the obligatory denuncation rituals of socialist community organizers, they actually defended Obama in private. To them Judd Gregg is — in their words — a flake and a certain cavity. Sure we bantered about Gregg’s possible shock at uncovering a nefarious conspiracy to ‘politicize’ the census. Such hollow meme talks collapsed within 20 seconds or so. After all, they have sat at the table for many a gerrymandering and know how the real game is played. Soon the focus became invective and scorn for Gregg.

Some opined that Gregg is dumb enough to actually be shocked to learn only now that Obama, Emanuel et al. are truly Democratic politicians. One long time Movement pollster/operative then observed that Gregg hails like Gordon Humphrey from the Great State of New Hampshire. Humphrey was renowned across the Hill for some almost Howard Hughesian quirks. According to oft repeated legend (the Stiftung never saw this first hand so can not verify) Humphrey for much of his two terms hid away in his other Senate office and refused to deal directly and personally with his own staff. Literally, no real personal interaction. Needless to say, there were many an attempted witticism today about absurdist germophobia, Elvis on toilet seats, etc. It only got worse from there.

Now a rational and sane observer correctly would note that Humphrey’s alleged idiosyncracies have nothing to do with Gregg. Dear Reader you know that all too well. But this is D.C. The gossip and chatter that define political realities are firmly rooted in high school home room. It really doesn’t matter if Humphrey was warped as claimed. What did matter is that Gregg simply became a Humphrey cartoon for the day.

So even as Gregg withdraws, tries to concoct a plausible script and votes against the stimulus bill some of the hardest of the hard core mock his Humphrey-esque heritage and grudgingly give a nod to a wronged Obama Administration. Just don’t tell El Rushbo.

One still wishes the Obama Administration could dispel that sense of peanuts in the air. Perhaps Axlerod should beg audience with a Sybil to divine the synchronicity of the Peanut Corp. of America’s woes and the transition.


  1. Anon says

    We think Franken won and will likely prevail – but this long and nasty process is the kind of hazing we think he needs – Also – a needed reminder later to Dems to never back down and never give in and always recall Coleman. Franken is not a nice guy and very over-rated as comic (but very smart) – So this lose/lose is still a win/win.

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