Around The World, Mid August, 2011

Our friends at Balloon Juice are tracking the SEC shredding scandal. John Cole writes:

I’m beginning to doubt the rumors there was a “red phone” inside the SEC that could be called by those in the know to get investigators to back off. It would just be redundant.

Jaime writes that the Cossaks have been called to defend the Steppe once more. Most in Eastern Europe will still remember their slaughter of Germans trapped in the Korsun Pocket in 1944. Still, it’s a long time to coast on a rep.

Jerry Pournelle examines the concept of “Islands of Liberty” as a both a viable political response to Obama and source for good fiction.

Dan Simmons explains his fascination with dystopian novels. His newest, available now, is “Flashback”.

Leon Hadar compares today’s Movement to Reagan and Goldwater eras. His conclusion? We won’t see a Reagan-sized win in 2012.

Alex at Yorkshire Ranter ponders how could Cameron blithely use up the Metropolitan and other police forces’ strategic reserve so quickly?

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