Art Gallery (Updated)

The Stiftung per requests offers a permanent gallery of Stiftung pieces here.  We’ll eventually add more items.  At least those that weren’t too off . . .

[Update]: We’ve added more items. It’s weird going back over the pieces. They evoke the passions of that particular day or moment in kaleidoscope fashion. Taken in one glance it is astounding what the American psyche has been subjected to these few years.

More items are left out than included. Time and distance can be unkind to one’s ‘children’. All of the animations are omitted because they are incompatible with the gallery database engine. Those items chosen (and to come) should be, we hope, entertaining.

And appropos of nothing, but simply because we like it, herewith Death in Vegas . . . 



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    Normally were not big Moyers fans – but he definately hit it out of the park (and more legit than Barry Bonds) with that special – When Russert starts saying he is “working class guy from Buffalo,” he has become a total fool. He could have been a bit rougher on Beinart and his presumption, but whatever. In our opinion, Beinart is not as much to blame as Russert – even though Beinart is smarter than Russert, he is younger and everyone knew he had an agenda. It was useful fools like working-class Russ and T-bowl around the neck Powell who help make the war seem legit. Perle never could have delivered public opinion.

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    That great Moyers special about selling the wmd lies & propaganda is on againt – Makes Russert look like a complete ass. “Til this day, I wish my phone had run,” saith Russert – as his excuse for reporting lies without correction about aluminum tubes.

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