1. DrLeoStrauss says

    Fat, sycophantic and bureaucratic maximalist is no way to go through life, Leon. For God’s sake, you white-washing Catholic apologist, will YOU ET AL. STFU ALREADY about UBL? Seriously, can’t you all just can it?

    So to all the assholes sacrificing patriots in WFO, et al., we are NOT advocating any aggressive activity at all and explicitly denounce any and all such mere mentions thereof, but as Vice President Dick Cheney said so well, there are those who say, and we are not one of them, that a fricking real gag would be a mercy. People who do not share our values might even contemplate more direct action but we denounce them as un-Amerikhun and possibly liberal fascist anarchists. As those fringe people might say, quoting again the Vice President, we are not one of them, rabid dogs are put down.

    Have we seen before such a pitiful, self-aborbed, mewling bureaucracy emoting as victims? Leon, have you thought about a group hug amid some Dylan and Archies songs?

  2. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Can’t these people just STFU and stop talking to the press? It’s sad when the Stiftung has to say it.

    Reporter: ‘You guys are really swell. How you shot down that Jap who planned the sneak attack on our boys at Pearl. I bet it was real hard to do, too. A real lucky ambush!’

    Undisclosed Official: ‘Nah, piece of cake, We broke the Japs’ naval and diplomatic codes *years ago*. Shooting fish in a barrel. We knew where Yamamoto was headed. We’ve been reading all their stuff. That’s how we clobbered them at Midway, too.’

    Tell us we’re wrong.

  3. DrLeoStrauss says

    O’Donnell: Madame Secretary, you do realize, don’t you, that I was Chief of Staff to the Senate Finance Committee . . . I have *been in the room*, Madame Secretary . . .

    Please say history wasn’t denied this gem.

  4. DrLeoStrauss says

    O’Donnell and Rice – the vacant talking to the vacuous. Of the many things we despise about D.C., a more repellant characteristic is constant, transient fawning over those in power. The ostentatious coverage of Cher Condi as both fashion icon and subliminal sex symbol (the ‘Warrior Princess’) remains an egregious example.*

    Don’t believe all the people commenting on her now. They’re lying. So many then-pro-war types (now, “I always opposed it and thought she was a fool”) salivated over what kind of boots she wore on the front page of the WaPo’s faded ‘Style’ section. That whole phenomenon summons layers upon layers of uncomfortable, wonky, nerdy . . . ickiness.

    Several self-promoting bloggers who leveraged their blogs into teevee appearances and lucrative grants, etc. in 2005-06 kept insisting she was a true intellectual force. As ‘insiders’ they kept predicting in 2005-2007 that thanks to Cher Condi there would be an imminent outbreak of Realism. Like Condi herself, they prefer this truth remain forgotten.

    Wankers all. We said then and we say it now — just like a certain demo that adores Madonna no matter what. (Now, one supposes it’s moved on to Gaga). And the Stiftung could care less how many times they can cram I, me, mine, into a sentence while name dropping two or three people (some of whom the Stiftung knows for a fact detest the name dropper, etc.)

    It’s easy NOW to say she was a disaster and lightweight. But where were these people THEN? Or even before?

    As you and long time readers know well, we are a founding member of the ‘Condi Rice Is A Twit Club’ in *1989* and theoretically still Membership Director. There are witnesses to the Club’s first meeting, held in a great City bar for other reasons. The last time we spoke to Scowcroft briefly (now a while ago) we didn’t have the heart to say “Toldja”. We could see it in his eyes anyway.

    We finally found NHK, Al Jazeera English, French and even Putin’s RT mouthpiece in an obscure cable TV lacuna. With the BBC added in, we find no reason to endure MSNBC anymore. It’s just too painful.

  5. DrLeoStrauss says


    All the liberal wailing, Michael Moore bleating ‘we’ve lost our soul’, ‘Geronimo’, and the ‘was it legal?’ silliness is great. (M’f**ker’s dayed, folks).

    We ignore it but the drivel drives the Movement/Right Wing crazy. Can’t stand that ‘those guys’ get the accomplishment. This moment was theirs by right. Years fantasizing about their pagan celebration of macht, violence and a God Emperor President . . . down the tubes.

    If NPR was really playing varsity ball, they’d run a series on whether the SEALs should have invited Bin Laden to sit for three cups of tea first. Pull all those lose strands into one final meme that when unleashed might give some Movement types aneurysms. And thereby help the gene pool. That whole virtuous cycle thing . . .

  6. Comment says

    Larry O’Donnell is gloating over his interview last night w/Condi Rice because he got her to stammer and babble and wince about clouds and mushrooms – Indeed, Condi also whined that O’Donnell was being mean to her college classmate who was shot at by Saddam by downplaying the threat yada yada yada – However, O’Donnell failed to really bring substance to his questions – He was rude and interrupted and this allowed Condi to complain, etc. He also failed to follow up on her dodge about alum tubes. He could have brought up so much more and contextualized his questions better.

  7. Comment says

    We ourselves did shake our head when we heard Geronimo was chosen as the name – We knew it was made out of unawareness of many facts of Geronimo’s life – As Apache have noted themselves. Yet – NPR harping on this for 2 days , at all times, grates.

  8. Comment says

    NPR has been like a stereotype of itself the past two days – No matter when we tune in, the debates and commentary are always about how offensive “Geronimo” is to native Americans (usually failing to mention Apache by name, as if they are all the same), or some English QCs discussing the illegality of the raid or why the SEALs did not arrest UBL and remand him to Holland etc etc. Interspersed with these segments is a repeated story about eco friendly sofas.

  9. DrLeoStrauss says


    We doubt conspiracy mania will go away no matter what. Holding the body an extra 24 hours or whatever faith permitted wouldn’t change much.

    Photos etc. will given media page views and ratings. They get two weeks after that insincerely speculating why aren’t all convinced. Then it gets re-packaged into ‘specials’, etc.

    Our request is more particular. If Bin Laden is now dead, would be nice for cable “news” to retire the crawl.

  10. DrLeoStrauss says

    Fast burial at sea best option — we see no upside for any delays (even within Islamic parameters). Ends the narrative within the announcement.

    Do you believe a longer time frame would accomplish a positive?

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