Become A Consultant For DHS And Do Some Good, Too

We’ve been meaning to write about this for a week or so. DHS is asking the public for help. Readers here might be especially helpful to them.

DHS is asking anyone, individual, company or other organization, to submit ideas on how DHS can best start and sustain a public conversation about cybersecurity. The deadline is April 30th. Literally, anyone who has a sense of communications and the current zeitgeist is potentially a winner – more so than the self-focused Uber geeks. Here are the details.

As we develop strategies and messages that will resonate with various groups, we want the benefit of your ideas on how you would get the word out to your colleagues, or your friends, or your parents and children . . . This competition will gather and share publicly the best, most creative ideas for making the public more cyber secure, cyber smart, and cyber assured.

Readers here are keen observers of the public-government dynamic and dialogue. Who knows? Maybe DHS really does need you. Just remember to send the proposal in Word format.