Bitter And Twisted . . .

Joe Klein’s idiocy vainly trying to explain away Obama’s transparently obvious elitism on Charlie Rose? Klein’s out of touch elitism merely poured JP-5 fuel on the incident. (Obama was really, according to Klein, speaking to the families with two jobs and who closed the cash register at 11:00 PM and turn on the TV looking to “we” the elites to save them. Hence, guns, religion and bitterness). Even the Crown Prince must have winced at that “help”.

Bitter and Twisted

We always called the Crown Prince for what he was: over his head, by background and education trained in institutional condescension, and frankly far more instinctively radical than his “I will please ever audience all the time” facade will reveal for now. The key to us was his wife’s candor that his nomination was the first time she ever felt proud of being an American.