Bizarro Tuesday (From DC Comics)

What to make of a plaintive David Brooks writing that McCain in the past did not care about core conservative values and sought a Movement loyal to him alone? Actually, Kristol says it better. His AgitProp was always more con vivo. Projectionism? Who knows? But the struggle to assume the empty shroud of Leader continues. Then again, who didn’t long ago cease paying attention to Brooks et. al?

Today during a commute, Limbaugh at the Advanced Institute for Conservative Studies (his irony is fully intended — Rush above all an entertainer) couldn’t decide whether his loathing for McCain (nearly pathological) trumped his inherent recognition that Team Mitt was an empty suit.When we waited in the massive, massive line to say goodbye (hours and hours), so many came to pay their respects — for whatever reason(s). Today, all fighting over the remnants of a moth eaten mantle. Claimed by so many as to mean nothing. Even today, whatever would (could) the pre-illness Gipper say in this 24 minute news cycle?

Uninvited Guest

We’ve always known what Brooks and Limbaugh are saying today; the extreme Right will not align behind McCain. Which means either they stay home or create a strange, fringe Pat 3rd Party SA effort.

Good times. Good times.


  1. Comment says

    Btw – did you happen to catch Pat seeming to gloat to Matthews about Spain’s infamous expulsions in 1492?

  2. Comment says

    Ezra Klein and other liberals still don’t know how to answer surly conservative cranks who call in on c-span pretending to care about Obama’s useful drug admissions. Instead of just batting the question away and reframing it by saying such past youthful violations never hurt Dubya and they won’t hurt Obama, he engages in some cliche generational chit chat and speculates about HRC’s possible past use. In fact, we may be wrong, but HRC has already denied this. In any event, the caller was a rightist and deserved a sarcastic Bush reference in reply, not some smear against Hillary.
    Ezra is still trying to win over the wrong crowd.

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    Once again – David Gregory today still repeating that bogus meme of Bush losing 4 million (a biblical sounding number) evangelicals – It did not happen.

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    Buchanan must have been delighted by HRC’s dominance among Hispanics , though Pat’s just likes that huge split between blacks and hispanics and has long wanted a motive for blacks to allign themselved in a meaningful way against immigrants. Maybe if Nixon were back and Pat was in the WH they could create the necessary catalytic events.

    We think Obama will rack up some wins going forward, but once againt Hispanics will come to the rescue of HRC in Texas – Yeah , Texas may decide the Dem primary. Maybe HRC will follow Charles Hill’s advice and give a good speech in London, by assuming she does not, she’ll have the edge til the end. Obama should stick with U2 for mass music – a tested brand.

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    While Obama won the most delagates, HRC still had an edge on the night. Right now, Russert is trying to paint Obama’s show in the better light. How dare Livia try to scam Michigan and Florida delegates? Going forward, Obama has many states that favor him and he has to over perform to get those super d’s. We always thought Obama had to win IW, NH, and SC to have an even chance. Since HRC won NH, she had the edge. Obama will never win if trendiness and hip videos become his storyline if for no other reason that Scarlet Johansenn’s organization is weak on the ground/.

    It looks like McCain.

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    George Packer has a good war – We had a good time pushing the war, then he has a good time complaining about Bush’s shocking conduct of the war and Abu Ghraib and how shocked he was, then he had a good time explaining this, and complaining about it. Now he is re-enacting it.

  7. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Poor Andrea Mitchell literally shrinks before our eyes, as if her real rolodex in the attic, reflects her newly reduced post-Greenspan situation. “Alan, I do think that you can get up and get your Ensure yourself. Ellen is on.”

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    Incidentally – David Gregory continues to repeat this Rovian BS that Bush lost 4 million evangelical votes in 200 because of his arrest story. It’s a bogus story and Gregory does not understand why they wanted him to think that. It’s a contrarian spin – but it is a spin.

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    Pat was the most precise in framing the rightist case againt McCain – Lots of vengence against his media posturing – allusions to some bogus ‘Gang of 14’ meme – etc. Whatever – the case againt McCain , IMO, on the right, is really mystical. Not logical. They come up with semi logical reasons, but for most of them McCain hurts. It’s a self esteem thing – Rush’s self esteem will weaken during a McCain admin more than HRC.

    Pat really wants a rumble between the Guats and the Mexicans.

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