Bizarro Tuesday (From DC Comics)

What to make of a plaintive David Brooks writing that McCain in the past did not care about core conservative values and sought a Movement loyal to him alone? Actually, Kristol says it better. His AgitProp was always more con vivo. Projectionism? Who knows? But the struggle to assume the empty shroud of Leader continues. Then again, who didn’t long ago cease paying attention to Brooks et. al?

Today during a commute, Limbaugh at the Advanced Institute for Conservative Studies (his irony is fully intended — Rush above all an entertainer) couldn’t decide whether his loathing for McCain (nearly pathological) trumped his inherent recognition that Team Mitt was an empty suit.When we waited in the massive, massive line to say goodbye (hours and hours), so many came to pay their respects — for whatever reason(s). Today, all fighting over the remnants of a moth eaten mantle. Claimed by so many as to mean nothing. Even today, whatever would (could) the pre-illness Gipper say in this 24 minute news cycle?

Uninvited Guest

We’ve always known what Brooks and Limbaugh are saying today; the extreme Right will not align behind McCain. Which means either they stay home or create a strange, fringe Pat 3rd Party SA effort.

Good times. Good times.