Blinking In The Sunlight

The aftermath of Obama’s release of the torture memo continues to activate profound anxieties only tangentially related to the actual crimes committed. Most interesting to us is how it shines a light on those in the Democratic party who acquiesced to the Warlord’s extra-legal ideology. Daschle, Pelosi, Rockefeller, Harman, etc. are likely it seems to the Stiftung complicit either overtly or by omission.

Oh say can you see

All the more reason to be thankful that the American people according to recent polls continue to have personal and institutional faith in the Obama presidency. It helps that there is trust somewhere. Congress is not likely to distinguish itself handling the torture inquiry as a matter of day-to-day political acumen. That’s a lead pipe cinch where Republicans are concerned. Still, congressional leaders’ moral contamination will be only the proverbial icing on the cake.