1. Hunter says

    @rkka: I’ve been reading Maximum City this past week (highly recommended), and it seems the Muslims’ position (in Bombay, anyway) is… complicated. Apparently a lot of the ISI intervention in local violence was a direct result of the ’93 riots by the Hindu nationalist Sena and the attendant ‘bombings’ (a few propane canisters and like 30 kilos of RDX) by the Muslim communities. After which, the Muslims did “live in a state of abject fear” (at least for a few years, and stipulating that fear is in the mind of the fearful).

    @theGoodDr: $7.6 Trillion… nice. What do you make of whatever’s behind this?

  2. Dr Leo Strauss says

    @rkka All too true. re Comment and the Jacksonians, that probably has been a CSPAN broadcast already – to be followed by an Islamabad talk on ‘Camus, Pakistan and the New Dehli – Anglo American Conspiracy.’

  3. rkka says

    Well, it’s not as if the Terrorist State of Pakistan hasn’t earned a good nut-squeezing or six from India. I mean, what is it for, anyway? It’s not as if Muslims in India live in a state of abject fear.

  4. Comment says

    We do not really know enough to have a firm opinion on filibuster reform – but seeing a headline of Dodd telling Frosh to “back off” from it makes us wonder – Would the GOP get rid of the filibuster if they were in the majority and the Dems were using it as often as the GOP is using it now? Yes – we think so. Also – we think the liberalmedia would allow that – and rationalize it – But they would object to Dems doing the same thing. Just a guess.

  5. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Walter Russell Mead has a nuanced survey of how Pakistanis see its plight. Worth noting is his observation that American exit plans including division of Afghanistan with India gaining a two-front strategic vise grip on Islamabad.

    It’s not a totally irrational fear. The Frank Gaffneyi Usual Suspect types more or less agitating for the U.S. now (try) to use New Dehli more bluntly and coercively.

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