Ceremonies of Aphasiatic Innocence And The NIE

It was all vaguely satisfying. Like watching a ramshackle, travelling huckster carnival fleeing the Law, dealing crystal meth in the backwaters, only to be shut down by the local OSHA for violating slushy cone regulations. On a variety of levels. Not just for the theater of the frantic, squeeling Fran Townshend. But also how such an obvious, tedious NIE now comes full circle since October 2002’s crapfest as the voice of permanent government. Finally staring down the diminished Warlord.

That’s really about it. Did we miss anything? We see little point in discussing the historical nature and mechanics of NIEs (or SNIEs), or even their historical record as useful exercises. On this subject at least, they no longer function even as bureaucratic by-product but have assumed a political dimensionality all their own.

If the Warlord, like some of his predecessors, believes Providence dictates (and protects) his actions, little can be done absent his removal without 67 rational senators. So reports the Sainted David Brooks. Yesterday’s attempted political theater in the Senate merely underscores the point. And highlights how much the Democrats have yet to re-learn about stagecraft. Or even recognizing and having the courage to embrace the recognition that politics is, like the world, a stage.

For Beschloss’ colleagues (‘we historians, Tim’), the Warlord presents thin gruel to work with. What we see is what we get. Moreover, plumbing the depths of the EOVP sanctum are likely to be years away. Note that the commissioned hack Stephen Hayes’ effort to shine the Cheney memorial oddly was defeated by the commissioning feudal lord himself.

So we are left with the animation, above.