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This seems about right . . . And also why the same so-called ‘new journalists’ like The Politico are part of the problem. A good example? ‘Analysis’ why Republicans have brand issues. Who else to ask than the same stale ‘Republican’ splinter group operatives?

Nothing about Christian Socialist Authoritarianism, nothing about Imperial crushing of the constitution, nothing about *general incompetence and disregard for the common citizen* — Katrina being only one example. Nothing about astounding radicalism unknown in American political historical memory; nothing about unprecedented use of fear to not only manipulate demos but crush internal deviationism; nothing about contemptuous plutocratic concentration of wealth; nothing about a savage, nihilistic assault on governing institutions like the intelligence community or DoJ or the judicial branch.

And remember, the Stiftung still has the ‘Member in Good Standing’ certificate from the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy tucked away somewhere. This is not the Daily Kos speaking here.


In fact nothing The Politico spews out is anything but more of the same trite inside-the-Beltway projectile pea soup. A regurgitated cocktail of the same old rotting, irrelevant agenda of the HOST body — the Republican Party. ‘We need more technology to compete. We got lazy” and so on.

Naturally, these The Politico younglings, these ‘journalistic’ padawans, don’t even know how lacking they are to even ask the right questions. Even as they are celebrated as brave new pioneers. How unaware they are about what has been gloating at them in the face for the last 8 years. They think and accept at face value it was and is the Republican Party. The true malevolent persona — the parasitic, anti-liberal democratic Movement is not even recognized. They remain oblivious still. And how proud they must be wolfing down yet more morsels of crusty tactical cheese slices. Blind to their recent escape — that they too came within a hair of being crushed along with the rest of us.

If Americans can’t even remember the last 8 years today, or even the last 5, one can only clutch tighter that remaining thin reed. You know, the one we hope is unstained by that wretched liquid Beltway ‘consensus’. Is that reed labeled ‘Yes we can?’ If so, then what? The 20th century proved one thing above all — political ideologies from the top down inevitably fail to change a society. There will be no utopian ‘New [insert adjective] Man/Woman’. (AEI continued delusions aside).

So it remains with American citizenry to restore or even re-imagine their own historical memory. Denver fervor notwithstanding, that effort to us seems as far over the horizon as ever. Concrete focus on posterity (such a quaint notion) and first principles? Not even mesons and baryons in a sea of Labor Day Sales. All we know now is that The Politico et al. emphatically are not a way out. They and their peers in fact reify our current exhausted dissolution.

Perhaps we ask too much of this generation of people and institutions. The tactical is the only known ‘reality’. Texting, blindlingly fast video edits, cortex nullifying imagery are all they remember knowing. New feature additions to Facebook are exciting. Can one honestly criticize historical attention deficits in such contexts?

The Politico staffers themselves do not claim to be and would not know how to be anything more than a gossip rag for their peers. So, with caveat in mind, we will continue to use them while gazing at that horizon.

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