Chatting With One Of Leon’s – A Vignette

We’ve analyzed here together the Agency’s [sic] diminished ethos, culture and identity across a decades long, tortiously slow march to ever deeper mediocrity. We spoke today with one of the New Breed, very cutters upper, forward leaning. (Yes, the only Ivy he’s seen is in his back yard). Nice, a good barbecue guest, supremely confident of ‘victory’. Still very much un self aware – who says without irony ‘Where I go blood follows?’

The usual issues are glaring – no foreign language skills except fragments ala airport signs leading to the head. There’s a clear ‘I belong to a club’ vibe, but unfortunately it’s Sams Club. The mindset confirms same old, same old – ‘victory’ is *obvious* – have we not taken down Al Qaeda’s No.3 at least 35 times? And their top military so-and-so 67 times? As Tim the Sorcerer said to the Monty Python entourage staring at a rabbit ‘Looook at the boooooones!’

One has to concede one thing. Leon is much better at PR than Hayden, Goss, or Mr. Slam Dunk.