Color Us Puzzled

We are strangely out of touch and tune with the recent zeitgeist, that is obvious to you, Dear Reader. Recent posts do not address the pressing issues on cable news or other blogs, let alone frothing on talk radio.

It is perhaps an internal failure. But we just can’t give a frak (and no, we are not really fans of BSG). Did Wright say anything we did not know about him before? Not really. Some of the quasi eugenics aspects might be called new, but in the main it was an old story. And we are, as you know, no big fan of the Crown Prince.

That this is the fifth anniversary of “Mission Accomplished”? Does anyone really care this day or tomorrow? After all, Olbermann annoyingly ends his show with a daily countdown from that speech.

No surprise here that the Pentagon tried to spin analysts. What do the media think they were doing when they were “embedded”? The whole thing is almost pathetic beyond the telling of it.

We miss Firing Line, Tomorrow or any show that did not feature whether a Disney starlet posed inappropriately for a magazine shoot.

Perhaps it is just being grumpy tonight. We’ll try to write about something else tomorrow with a bit more substance. But we still are puzzled at it all.


  1. Comment says

    The larger media is doing its best to ignore that NYT Pentagon spin story – it makes them all look foolish. We read that ridiculous Aaaron Brown trying to dismiss this. They made a fool out of him and he cannot even admit it to himself.

  2. Comment says

    Speaking of HRC – we think she erred in saying she would wipe Iran off the map. It was a political blunder to extend her fiat treaty of destruction to the Arab sheikdoms. A good ad could exploit that.

  3. Comment says

    Firing Line – much of it on the amazing youtube. OT – We just tuned into Tweety and he cites M. Kinsley’s defination of a gaffe being telling what one really thinks, accidentally. Then he later refers to Reagan Democrats as Archie Bunkers, then corrects himself. But he really thinks that and he has, in fact, celebrated that as a good thing in recent past. But his interesting gaffe was suggesting that sleep deprivation is an established way to get people to tell the truth. Really? we recall that sleep deprivation is more established as a method of obtaining false confessions. But this nut has a nostalgia for film noir and Parochial urbanism.

  4. Aldershot says

    I’ve not been watching much campaign coverage the last few days…had my fill for now. Just tired of Joe talking over Mika, Mika playing to the camera, Olbermann being clueless to the fact he’s a bore, etc. Sick of Obama and Hillary…I still haven’t seen footage of her saying she’d nuke Iran.

    Anywho, anyone seen No Country or Charlie Wilson’s war?

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