Why Fred Thompson Will Be The Republican Nominee As Predicted By A French Surrealist Film Classic

NEOCON WRECKERS sabotaged the Stiftung’s video inner workings tonight.  Thus, we can only offer the slightest preview of why we believe the French film classic Le Jetee predicts that Thompson will be the Republican nominee.

The full motion capture video we thought perfect.  We will see if some Heroes of Esoteric Labor can find out what cruel mangling was done to our beloved Abobe Premiere and get the video clip put up.   All we can get out of it now are short clips of Joshua Murvachik declaring “We always fight 5 past 12:00”.  Odd — and a sign that those new interrogation techniques are truly inhumane.


  1. Comment says

    If ornament is a crime -as the moderns assert – expect a crime wave as the Asia Dawn insinuates itself into our current vibe.

  2. Comment says

    If we had to guess, McLaughlin would be intrigued by Bollywood and its lush offerings – while Pat might might feel conflicted by lingering resentment of what he may have thought as pseudo-neutralism of the Congress Party in the cold war – Eleanore would want to like Bollywood – in keeping with her decision to be cosmopolitan in multicultural, but, alas – she’ll stick with Lifetime schlock. Tony still hates the Ghandis – regards them as piss drinking rebels.

  3. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Here’s another provocation for the Group: Indian/Bollywood/SE Asian artists who are better at hip hop and urban music than Americans. If you can give a listen to ‘ Chaiyya Chaiyaa Bollywood’ (which we may post as an MP3 and tell Mitch to go fuck himself) they may have a point. Once we lose this and celebutante culture inevitably is overtaken overseas, what exactly is it that we do anymore?


  4. Comment says

    Comment is a bit weak in pop music awareness – we’re always a bit behind the curve, but there is no doubt that knew Winehouse was a real talent the first time we heard her. Her music is has wit and personality- so when we read she had problems we assumed, at first, that it was partly schtick. As far as thesis go, it would not surprise us to find out that there are a number of studies of McLauglin – maybe even an analysis of Eleanore’s shreak. Some years ago – during Clinton I, we recall a woman from Belgium talking about her doctoral work concerning the infantile quality of American political talk shows. Mind you – this was back when some cable outlets still tried to report real news.

  5. Dr Leo Strauss says

    While trapped in commuter crawl the other day, a Winehouse song came on the radio. It definitely had the Shirley Bassey ‘Goldfinger’ vibe and even did a shout out to Roger Moore. Now consider that McLaughlin was born in 1927. ‘Goldfinger’ (before Bond and Heff became camp) at the height of throwing off the 1950s and he was 47. The pill was a reality, scotch plentiful — it is no wonder to the Stiftung that he could not help be transported even if but for a second. Then of course Winehouse’s current travails a passive aggreassive provocation to the Group.

    Has any PhD thesis tried to break down the psycho dynamics of the Group? In earlier, more ambitious days, I would head down to the Library of Congress and search for the obscure PhD thesis or three. Perhaps, it might be worth a check for amusement purposes only . . .

  6. Aldershot says

    “As an aside – McLaughlin today – he tried to get the Group to dip into Amy Winehouse and Brit pop culture, but there were no takers.”

    What, ho, we can now get the Group on iPod? The Devil, you say!

  7. A Random Quote says

    “We’re one bomb away from getting rid of that obnoxious [FISA] court.”
    ~David Addington
    Quoted by Goldsmith

  8. Comment says

    As an aside – McLaughlin today – he tried to get the Group to dip into Amy Winehouse and Brit pop culture, but there were no takers.

  9. A Random Quote says

    “All through the trial, he [Conrad Black] held himself together, like safety glass in a shattered windshield. It was a remarkable performance, but that’s all it was: a performance. The jury’s verdict will ensure that Conrad Black–and Barbara Amiel — are ostracized, punished, and felled where it hurts them the most: in the court of public opinion. We no longer hate or envy them. We pity them. And that must be the most cruel punishment of all.”
    ~Peter Newman
    Toronto Life

  10. Comment says

    Hey – If you luv Churchill, make sure you check out Newsmax’s “Churchill Collection.”

  11. DrLeoStrauss says

    Yeah, was meant kind of tongue in cheek for his team 😉 It’s a shame the video mash-up isn’t working, it would have all made sense.

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