Dark Dreams Of The Conservative Movement

We’re talking with old friends from the Movement’s glory days (1970s through Reagan I) to gauge reaction to the Tea Party fringe, RNC irrelevancy and Obama’s well-publicized troubles. These are the kind of friends who together at CPAC we watched a certain congressman who ran for president denouncing the Panama Canal Treaty work the YAFF CPAC party suite. With slurred speech he’d disappear from the suite for 35 minutes at a time with a wide eyed, gushing patriot. She was so eager to halt Soviet subversion of Baskin Robbins. For policy work, of course.

These are Values Movement types, closer to Uncle Pat (but uncomfortable with his obviousness) than the Warlord’s Christian Socialism. Today’s Movement schism is well known. We all saw briefly a public glimpse. Paladins such as the lugubrious Bill Bennett went after Beck post-CPAC. Much more knife fighting continues behind the curtain. Our unscientific sampling includes both long time political operatives and money. They are convinced Obama is on track for re-election in 2012. The health care summit and Rick Perry’s win and talk of secession are factors. But other reasons resign them to 8 years of Obama.

A conservative intellectual put it this way. Think Carter 1980 as preview for 2012. 19% interest rates, hostages in Iran, cardigan sweaters, malaise, Billy Carter and the Sovs crawling all over Afghanistan. The American people still did not abandon him like the Warlord in 2007-08. RWR from the Right had to use ‘aww shucks’ and ‘there you go again’ geniality to defuse serious reservations. Similarly, Obama’s in trouble. He likely could lose the Congress. His blessing. By triangulating against his Left [sic] and ‘Tea Party-esque Congress, Obama can do a Clinton. Micro initiatives like school uniforms and a Rahm punt or two. Picture Obama on stage with a Tea Party-Anger candidate. Obama wins hands down. No one sees a Republican with RWR’s ability to be both Movement radical and re-assuring.

Do these old time Movement veterans we talk with prefer an Obama win than endure the Tea Party mentality ascendant? Here’s our take: remember the old Jack Benny joke, ‘I’m thinking, I’m thinking’.


  1. Comment says

    re Bibi’s brother in law has already attacked Obama as an anti semite -That kind of repulsive low blow will ultimately backfire. It will take time.

  2. Comment says

    Foxman ( who has lots in common with Bill Donahue) also blames Obama and America for causing the crisis.

  3. Comment says

    The Blame America first crowd is taking Bibi’s side against Obama – Bibi is actually a good foil for Obama.

  4. Anon says

    Maybe not… Isn’t 2012 just “in a year or two” ? By then Obama “will be long forgotten”, at least in Bibi’s crazy relative’s dreams…

  5. Comment says

    Alex – According to David Brooks – Savimbi’s special stuff was a bit more down to earth – though not yet six feet under.

  6. Comment says

    Jeffrey Sachs – we have both noted – has some ‘splaining to do re Russia – But he is now BBC Hardtalk mouthing off about a global banking tax – Very clever for pundit to chose a high minded concept that has zero chance of passing.

  7. Euskal says

    Its Obama to lose, but there are too many economic shoes waiting to drop. One can imagine how someone crazy like Glenn Beck or Palin could be given a shot. If it happened in Germany, could it happen here?

  8. Comment says

    Btw – doesn’t McCain look like the angriest, most unhappy fella these days – With that meathead running against him and his natural sadness (he lost to a black liberal!) at the election. We almost feel sad for him. Almost.

  9. Comment says

    Also – Movement profits are up with Obama in. Btw – romney says No Apologies – what a joke.

  10. Comment says

    If we had to guess we think Romney will get the nomination – But we doubt he can win – His Mormonism almost neutralizes Obama’s color in Dixie – Romney will try to preempt this be being more Christian seeming for the south but the media can only stomach so much insincerity.

    When Romney tells reporters on Tv that he thinks Palin is qualified – very few people believe he is sincere. Would Romney hire Palin for office duties at Bain? No way – this is his big problem – His health care plan in Mass is basically Obamacare. There is just too much
    of this with Romney – Also – don’t think the power elite will let Palin win – Just too risky. Rudy is over. Pawlenty – unfortunate for him, has a bad sounding name for President and he is unprepossing in person – weak tea. He is way too much a wus to be making brie and chablis jokes. hopefully that anti Mexican clown will run.
    I think Obama will retain the House and win two years later. But this is just a guess. Who the eff knows?

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