Definitely Not Live Blogging Of SOTU Debut Of Obama 2.0 (Placemarker)

From earlier today . . . within another Reality Distortion Field . . .

And the predictable (ever since the female CNBC anchor blurted ‘it’s a feminine product!’ on air) jokes keep coming.


  1. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Ah, not at all. Comment thank Heaven for your gift for riffs (as well as analysis). What’s great is that even if one pulls them up years later they still bestow a long lasting smile. Especially the Wilson epics.

  2. Dr. Leo Strauss says

    @Red, thanks for the kind words. In truth, our common friend Comment is the master of the art form. Some of his work on the old site STOZ 1.0 re Joe Wilson really deserved an appearance on the Daily Show.

  3. Comment says

    Obama speaking to the Republican caucus – Marsha Blackburn is a small town gal and basically a nice person, but a simpleton. Like Mike Pence. Blackburn struggled to ask a semi-coherent question/accusation that sounded Hannity level stupidity. Then all the Republicans applauded Blackburn as if she were a young grammar school student who was able to finiss a poem.

  4. Dr. Leo Strauss says

    No blogging tonite, have picked up a software title. Still too early to tell if the hype is real. Hilarious to watch Tweety try and compensate for his Goldwater Boy Catholic Rightist Freudian Slips last night on Obama’s obvious genetic difference by oozing *today* how ‘commanding’, ‘majesterial’, blah blah. As Nutrasweet as his HRC blather. Comcast as an authoritarian (Philadelphia !) Old School crowd might be tempted to line them all at NBC/MSNBC/CNBC against the 30 Rock wall and then charge their families for the bullets. It would get more ratings than Conan’s last show.

    We jest, we jest. Just because we are not interested in Comcast doesn’t mean Comcast is not interested in us, to paraphrase Leon.And Comcast has not had a creative thought since, well ever. So that’s a grim thought indeed.

    Even if was only termination by dismissal, the thought of Barnicle, La Noonan, DeLay and Luke Russert leading the national day of morning for the ‘beloved’ Tweety too cruel to impose on posterity. Perhaps Olbermann could just roll over him shouting ‘Oddball’ until Tweety agrees to retire. Simmering in anger months later he would call in his old favors one by one with petulant truculence. On lonely flinty Spring days he tells his wife he’s going for a walk to think about Great Things. He’ll make his covert rendezvous recalling when ‘Press The Meat’ was almost his. And demand empty and furtive satisfaction from his former Green Room sycophants eager to cancel out their debts. All while sitting on a lonely park bench set off a bit from the canal trail at Great Falls, maybe Lock 7, Tweety muttering through the mechanical activity about the foreigners walking around.

  5. Dr. Leo Strauss says

    Chris Matthews was in forgetful mood last night following the State of the Union, with the MSNBC host giving TV viewers one of the oddest ruminations on President Barack Obama’s speech: “I forgot he was black tonight for an hour.”

    While trying to express his deep feeling on “who he was tonight,” referring to Obama, Matthews launched into some cringeworthy material.

    “He is post-racial, by all appearances. I forgot he was black tonight for an hour,” he said. “I was watching. I said, wait a minute, he’s an African-American guy in front of a bunch of other white people. And here he is president of the United States and we’ve completely forgotten that tonight — completely forgotten it.”

    “Maybe I shouldn’t talk about it, but I am” he added. “I thought it was profound that way, and I think in terms of the seduction tonight, I don’t think he did anything tonight out of love of Republicans.”

    The gaffe, during a live segment, was not prompted by his co-hosts Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann. Matthews famously said he “felt this thrill going up my leg” during a 2008 speech by Obama, but lately he’s been critical. In November he questioned Obama as “too darn intellectual, too much the egghead” and also went negative on the prez for vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard.

  6. Comment says

    Watching Bob McDonnell makes a cheesy attemot to mimic the SOTU ambience by giving his speech in Richmond state house with a cheering section. Though McDonnelll looks the part of a TV/movie politician, his speaking style and is insipid, his jokes are corny, and his offerall affect is flat.

  7. Comment says

    Obama did not win any luv tonight from Buchananists and southern whites with his allusion to Bull Run and then likening that to Omaha Beach.

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