Do Not Pass Hormuz, Do Not Collect 200 RMB

The littoral closes more rapidly for an enfeebled amphibian. Meanwhile, hard liners move rapidly into ascendancy in Beijing, while the best we have are retreating moderates urging the majority ‘don’t coun’t these guys out yet, we can use them for a while.’ Perhaps Obama can dragoon all the various Chicom players to a White House law school seminar Summit and bore them into stupefied bewilderment.


  1. Dr Leo Strauss says

    @Captain Goto It’s all good. Tomorrow will be sharing some good news.

    Enjoyed some long form reading and socializing with various friends, some still buried in place within the wingnut eco-system. We’ll be sharing some of those observations. We will deny this but we even started and finished ‘Mass Effect 2’. Still lost Miranda Harris on the suicide mission. (She was a pain anyway). Martin Sheen did a surprisingly good job as a rogue human patriot instigating covert ops. All in all, the game will not advance state of the art like its predecessor or ‘Heavy Rain’ – it’s more of a shooter with some character/immersion.

    Contra the Foreign Policy piece above, the Financial Times notes the Chinese defense budget increased again this year but not by double digits. They draw comfort from it,

  2. Captain Goto says

    Boy, I would say that the sabbatical hasn’t done much for Dr. Leo Strauss’ mood…

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