Every Family Can Relate – Tonight’s Afghan Meeting

We have to act now, there are only two in stock.  Plus, installation - we get $5 billion off.

As usual, it’s only when a decision is locked in that ‘people stand up’ in opposition. How brave. Maybe they might sign a letter, too. When outcome (and polling/fund raising) are unknown? Chirp. After all, consider Rockefeller’s mindset. Those unsent letters he wrote to Cheney? When he put them in his desk drawer, we’re sure he remembers slamming that drawer with particular Eastwood-like cool.


  1. Comment says

    “It wouldn’t surprise me because we’ve outsourced nearly everything,”-wilkerson

    That was sort of a meaningless comment that Scahill should have left out – It’s Wilkerson attempting to adopt a sage tone, when the reality is he just depressed as his denial continues to fade and he realizes he was a neocon errand man, at the end of a distinguished career.

  2. Dr Leo Strauss says

    On a related note, The Nation has a pretty good story on Xe Blackwater and JSOC. Just why liberals continue to seek out Wilkerson as valuable source remains puzzling. Some of the comments and speculation on how it got rolling resonate with what we observed and heard back in the day from some of the players and aides.


    Of course, why should any of these people be held accountable when no one else is for almost anything? Unless you are a fall person like say Lynndie England. Obama 9 months in is well on his way to joining Congress and putting a bi-partisan on it all.

  3. Euskal says

    Looks like all the chips are going in… I’m seeing alot of “positive” reports on Poppies, Afgani reforms on corruption, Afgani Melitias willing to fight against the Taliban… Has the prep’ing of America complete? The only thing hard to cover over is the cost…Will China continue the funding? I guess if we call this a public option War, we might get Congress to look at this crazy cost…

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