Feel The Excitement Of Clear Choice

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Interesting to hear some conversations among the permanent Republican/Movement D.C. class begin to mutter that *they* would be better off with an Obama victory. He is fundraising gold. The 501(c)(4)s, consulting firms and the like have never seen profits or budgets like this. Hillary in pants suits, toting Vince Foster wrapped in a rug from love nest to public park days? Chump change. Obama has made them personally wealthy.

The reasoning is simple. A second term by definition peters out in less than 18 months. He’s already a convulsive caver. Besides, Obama is thumbs up on the bombing brown people front. Sam’s recent comment about the British tourists deported simply for using British slang about partying in America on Twitter gets a grudging nod for abusing executive power.

The car wreck in leadership fighting across the House and Senate Republican minority? More time to get ducks in a row. Assuming they at least hold on the House.

A Romney presidency by contrast presents unknowns. Access is everything. Which of them will be able return to the roles they were accustomed to under Bush? Feelings are running hard now. Robo calls that Romney is against kosher food won’t be forgotten. Worse? How will he govern? Like GHWB and propose something crazy and sensible like the ADA? Sununu, Romney’s attack dog, after all as GHWB CoS famously said “We have mortgages, not ideologies.”

The country and even government may be in decadent disarray. The above may be idle musing. Tribalism may trump all in a clear need to witness ‘destruction’. But Obama’s unquestionably been very very good to a surprising strata.

And self interest? What could be more emblematic of our times?


  1. Dr Leo Strauss says

    As Toby would warn, we should be very discrete even discussing the information. It’s “[u]ltra, ultra-sensitive, in fact . . .”

  2. Comment says

    Meanwhile – 100% of our intelligence on Iran’s “nuke program” seems to come from Source Merlin.

  3. Comment says

    Romney would be like he was in Massachusettes – a moderate who lies unconvincingly (Like Bush Sr. in “campaign mode”)

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