1. Aldershot says

    Well, the book is about Civil War espionage. But it would be funny if we read it and said, ‘Man, that’s a lot like LeCarre!’

    I haven’t read The Killer Angels. Cold Mountain won the National Book Award a few years ago, but I never read it. Have you?

  2. Comment says

    LeCarre? It’s hard to see him in a civil war context – That seemed a bit out of place. The Killer Angels was a very good book. If he can approach that – well that would be a tall order.

  3. Aldershot says

    Translation: TC=The Colonel, TC=Magnum PI’s friend. My bad.

    But what I wanted to call attention to was the line that compared his writing to LeCarre’s.

  4. A Random Quote says

    Hear the shrill whistle which doth order give
    To sounds confused; behold the threaden sails,
    Borne with the invisible and creeping wind,
    Draw the huge bottoms through the furrow’d sea,
    Breasting the lofty surge…
    Henry V prologue, Act 3

  5. Comment says

    Benchpresser was on Frontline tonight speaking about the ‘Iranian Threat,’ but it was hard to remember anything he said. He spoke, he spoke, and spoke – but his words wilted.

  6. A Random Quote says

    “The charge of anti-Semitism has been leveled at Woody Allen so many times as to sound unoriginal. Without rehearsing all the evidence and counter-arguments ….”
    ~Benjamin Plotinsky
    Commentary Oct, 2007

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