For The Record: Memorializing Stewart’s Beat Down Of Huckabee And Republicans For Abandoning 9-11 First Responders

We make this post knowing you’ve likely already seen it. We just want to record its happening as part of the STSOZ record. Jon Stewart’s wrenching explanation of how Senate Republicans and Fox News are telling dying 9-11 First Responders to pound sand crystallized where we are as a Nation. At issue is the Zadroga Bill, granting benefits and health care to those First Responders sick from the toxic Ground Zero site. That the guest was Mike Huckabee gamely plugging some Baby Jesus cheese book? Perfect.

Huckabee’s lame initial excuses for Fox ignoring the issue and Senate Republicans quickly evaporated. Like a trapped animal, his politician’s instinct for self preservation kicked in. He needed to think of video posterity. Huckabee’s stammering, deer-in-the-headlights look before belatedly calling on all Senate Republicans to support First Responders — priceless.

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9/11 First Responders React to the Senate Filibuster
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We suspect you, Dear Reader, follow the Zadroga Bill more closely than this blog. Some may have been in the City that day. Or had friends or know someone connected to the tragedy. Who paying respects at Ground Zero in the aftermath can forget the acrid, thick air and pervasive dust cloud?

Thanks for patience with this post. We just wish to incorporate what Stewart said into the record here. It breaks our heart to think this may be just a foreshadowing of what is to come.


  1. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Astounding how Democrats are still letting Kyl and others still kick them (and First Responders) in the face on this and threaten to kill the Bill with no political price.

  2. Comment says

    Stewart and Colbert are attentive to detail – Unlike SNL and other comedy shows – SNL had great potential w/ Julian Assange – but they are blowing it by giving Assange a mock Dr, Evil-ish laugh while ignoring the funnier potential miming Assange actual singular sinister personal style.

  3. Dr Leo Strauss says

    oldfatherwilliam :
    And Huckabee’s certainly not the one who should be eating this.

    Re-visiting agree and take your point. Would rephrase the visceral in-the-moment reaction.

    We’ve all discussed here through the years various outrages. Shared disbeliefs. This broadcast was a uniquely powerful gut punch. Still rattled by it. Such profound sorrow.

  4. Comment says

    Of course Eric Bolling is priceless in those Daily Show clips – A total meathead, thru and thru — Even on TV he cannot help contextualizing 9-11 in the most base selfish terms – Since he has become successful as a trader he only has yes men and waiters around to confirm him in his oafishness. Hence, his comments.

  5. Comment says

    Those 2 corrections that JS made to Huckabee – He never gets corrected on other shows. Lonesome Rhodes can talk all he wants – but his attempt to spin is really sad.

  6. Comment says

    We think most of the people that were harmed or injured that day are not even looking for help. Only a small percentage injured technically qualified as injured.

    Recall a few years ago a woman at AEI whole job was dedicated to saying that Iraq War Dessert Storm vets were faking illness and PTSD is/was BS. Chicken-hawks applauded.

    Huckabee was revealed to be a clown – but since he not considered mean, he is regarded as better than the others.

  7. sglover says

    One off-note: Towards the end of the Huckabee segment, Stewart expresses dismay and frustration that the Dems haven’t tried to take political advantage of the issue. You have to wonder — for a sharp guy, where’s Stewart been? Leaving a big shiny gift-wrapped political godsend like this is completely in keeping with the fighting legacy of the party of Daschle, Reid, and Obama.

  8. oldfatherwilliam says

    What breaks my heart is that it’s just Stewart and ONLY Stewart, with his minor megaphone, that’s working this. And Huckabee’s certainly not the one who should be eating this.

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