Friday Nite Down At the Ranch

A short item describing the internal Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) conversations prior to their defeat this past weekend in the largely symbolic Upper House elections. Interesting that Koizumi was encouraging Abe to stay on regardless to see his (Koizumi’s) Postal Privatization agenda through.

History Repeats Itself Pt. 1 — the Clinton-Lewinsky Affair as industrial miminalist theater. 

The Yorkshire Ranter offers ‘Scienciness Again’ (and pays the Stiftung a huge complement which we wished we deserve). As You Know Who would say, read the whole thing. Perhaps you, Dear Reader, might contribute to his conversation there.

Nick Gvodsev over at Washington Realist notes that China is spending 9% of GDP on infrastructure, the U.S. less than 1%. Also check out his summary of a roundtable “World Without the West” on the blog.

Jim Henley offers us “Things That Make Me Go Hmmm On My Own Blog” — noting the specious nature of those pining for ‘inclusive bi-partisanship’ by the Warlord and ‘shared sacrifice’, etc.

First it was steel workers, automakers, textile workers, and no one really cared. Then came ‘outsourcing’ and suddenly white collar jobs were gone. Now, NYC mainstream law firms are recruiting overseas. And even design, the last bastion according to economic theory of comparative value, is fleeing. When the teaming Asiatic hordes learn to waste their time out-shilling themselves on YouTube, it will truly be All Over.

Postscript: Nostalgia for the Western-centric era:  “A very dishy girl . . . ”   Peter Sellers and Britt Ekland get married.

And with David Niven, Jaqueline Bisset and Ursula Andress . . . (great Burt Bacharach score).